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any /d/arlings here remember the CYOA stuff?

| just wondering...

totally not testing the waters...


| Yes, it was great, as was your stuff. -19D

| <3 -ACB

| ACB! I missed you g/u/rl! Whatever became of our short pink haired protagonist?

| >>531764

Still very much alive, and still carrying comical levels of gears and guns. The threads are saved, and since I'm a mod now, it will be easier to do write ups if the CYOA ever comes back. ^^


| As someone who hasn't been in danger/u/ for a while, what was CYOA?

| >>531782 choose your own adventure. I don't remember a specific /d/ one though

| >>531782 A CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) is kinda like a more fun, community version of D&D, without dice, and everyone controls one character. One g/u/rl (ACB) will make this world and adventure. Then she'll post a little prologue that explains how the main controllable character got to where they are, along with a list of things the character can do. Community members (us) will then either pick from the list of options, or think up our own, and the most popular one happens.

| Next, the maker will decide how the situation plays out with your choice in mind. If say a smol pink haired protagonist tries to pick up a heavy machine gun, she may have to drag it along behind her. Unless she's unusually beefy for her size. It's great fun, and ACB here ran the beginning of one a while back. Brush up on what happened, by reading these archived threads (in chronological order).

| https://dangeru.us/d/thread/110071

| >>531816

Couldn't have said it better myself /d/arling, thank you so much. ^^


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