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Butt plug

| I kinda want to buy one but I don't know if a cheap metal one on Amazon would be safe or if I should buy one 3-6x the price from a sex toy site

| The ones from Amazon worked just fine for me, so if it's about price I'd go with those.

| >>530917 it's partly that and partly I still live with my family so Amazon is a lot less conspicuous than an unmarked box from who knows where

| Makes sense. I wish you luck :D


| In case they find out just call it a "modern art decoration".

Captcha: yard jihat plots.
...its sure sounds funny.
Someone plots to do jihat on some1s yard.

| >>530864
Ah, butt plug?

| >>530952 I would actually like to get one at some point I saw a super cute one that lets you clip on a bunch of tails, someone even had 3 at the same time

| Why you people put a plug to the butt
I don't get it
I mean i know dildo supposed to make you feel a dick to your vagina
But why you plug your butt ?

| >>531226 feels good

| >>531226 Some people feel good when their tushie gets filled.

| Difference with not pushing out a good shit?

| >>530923
Just order a few more for your family. This way they won't be upset.

| >>531445 unfortunately no one in my is hot and I'm not into incest

| >>531448
I wonder why this is this the only way you see how they could use them. oO

| >>531708 if you're not putting a butt plug in your butt you're doing it wrong

| I wish I had a girl to put a buttplug in me...

I'll never put one in myself... There's no love in it otherwise and my butt needs true love

| >>531904 become a weeb, pick best waifu and put one in while listening to her voice like the rest of us

| Highly recommended. Amazon does have some good ones but just make sure the material is good. If you can I'd recommend shipping to a friend's place so you can pick it up later. That's what I do anyway.

| Glass plugs are nice. I have one that's lasted me years. Are there any local shops you can browse op?

(first danger/u/ post, sup)

| >>532093 welcome to Danger/u/, g/u/rl. Good to have you. Get comfy, have a drink, and chillax.

| Honestly if someone finds it. Just using the excuse of. "It's a cool piece of art" or "a neat little trinket I like" or "it's from a video game you wouldn't understand mom" or some other bullshit like that.

| Tail time all the way. At least make it worth it.

| >>532208 no fricking way that would fly lmao

| >>532208 or, go the other way. "It's a sex toy that goes in your butt. Want to try?"

| >>532208
either way honey its not sanitary to stick video game toys in your butt. did you think i couldnt smell it?

| >>532208 My first vibrator was a third party ps2 controller. .hack//infection had a vibration on/off option in the settings. ;)

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