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I TRIED to avoid the lewd playing tabletop I really fucking did

| Posting here because I love you bitches and you are much less likely to say, post this on certain shit sites where my fellow party members or GM can see because you want upboats

>D&D 5e
>Sorry it's everywhere
>One other person besides the party and GM is at the table, Z
>Since I specifically gave my character a history in the starting city, DM starts off by introducing me
>GM:"Throughout the years, you have done some questionable things-"
>Z:"Like other dudes!"
>h-he's straight

| >he's not gay or bi ha ha
>this is the first of Z's many many spicy comments, no party member escaped his lewd commentary
>Z there are no dildos in this clinic ok
>time passes, others get introduced, party ends up getting sent to Super Guantanamo
>Run by a dickbag necromancer warden
>He promptly has his skeleton guards clap us in manacles because clearly we needed more restraints
>Z's prison rape jokes intensify
>and so does my shameful arousal

| >for you see this has touched my fetish
>Smug necro-daddy also decides to be a bigger dickbag and have his skeletons punch us all in the gut
>my character is on the floor
>Bound, helpless and at the mercy of a dick
>Um, dickbag
>"Did that feel good?"
>Warden leaves, gives us ominous plot hints while another NPC gets tossed in with us and gives exposition
>session ends with the start of an escape plot
>but these perversions are beginning

| >Keep thinking about my rogue getting raped in various scenarios
>Either prior to the campaign
>"Funny thing how your brother ain't here to protect you this time. But...we'll put this time to good use, won't we?"
>Or under the indomitable eye of the warden, where a wretch from the slums belongs only as a cocksleeve before being passed onto the King
>And then my mind comes up with a horrible new detail, combining elements of both

| >Somewhere farther down the line, my rogue has pissed the warden or King off on a personal level
>He ends up back in their clutches, his beaten body dropped at the feet of the warden
>Bound, blindfolded and gagged, he can only react to the world as it does everything in its power to break him
>The warden's laughter cuts into his head as he paces around his captive
>Oh, he was wrong to disregard him as mere skeleton fodder
>But he's got special treatment for him as an apology

| >A guest will be arriving, just for him
>the rogue should really be delighted once he arrives
>In the mean time, he should try his best to enjoy this
>Skeleton guards chain his arms to the wall
>Upon further command, they rip his clothes to shreds and spread his legs apart
>their grasp unyielding to the struggling flesh
>the warden would hire the court painter to capture this beauty if not for the kingdom's careful image
>Hands, skeletal and living, freely grope and pinch

| Keep going op im close

| D&D = Doms 'n' (sex) Dungeons.

| >The rogue feels a slender roughness prodding at his entrance, and immediately redoubles his futile efforts to escape
>Suddenly, pressure on his dick is like a vice, eliciting a muffled scream
>the warden's grip is far too tight to be comfortable or arousing
>He contemptuously runs his thumb across the head and shaft, drinking in the concealed pain
>None. Of. That.
>He releases him once the struggling stops, just to hear that gasp of relief hitch and moan in sharp confusion

| Jesus fuck this went longer than I thought it would. Gotta do life things but I ain't done yet

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