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Deal Time

| You buy me a dildo, and you get pics, easy enough. Lmk if you're interested and we can talk.

| m/f?

| i don't care whether you are female or male, but i will buy you a dildo

your address or at least email address

| Age?

| >>525103
nice person

| OP here,
>>525070 M
>>525148 18
>>525103 Alrighty, [email protected] (Preferably one that can be hidden, so no Moby Huges, lmao.)

| >>525324 Do what I do, buy a lockbox if you're worried. That usually does the trick unless you have super nosey+prudish+asshole people in your house that would shamelessly search for a key in your private room, open a box with said key and confront you about it.

Unlike just hiding it there's no plausable deniability coming across it accidentally with a lockbox.

| *looks at a picture of Moby Huge*

Ah. Ok well, I guess it wouldn't work for THAT unless the box was huge. For the most part it's a good idea though.

| bet he buys a dragon dill dough

| OP
>>d1783a Would it be easier if I contact you or you contact me?

| Waits with eager anticipation

| >>5b1503 you can contact me then
[email protected]

| >>525605

| how bout me i want a dildo

| >thread is not dedicated to the hottest Lilim in glitch city
Immeasurable disappointment

| OP
>>525607 You sure that's your email? Ended up being a service provider email.

>>526045 Sorry about that, we can celebrate her later.

| >>526013
damn OP i'm jealous now

| Look at all these delicious e-mail addresses that I can sell to spammers, mmm...

| >>526103 bruh, what kind of "service provider"?

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This thread is permanently archived