fucking kinkshamers

| >tells a friend to why i like to fuck guns
>two days later, the entire group knows that i like to fuck guns and kinkshames me
>1 week later, two strangers approaches me
>"you like fucking guns?? *chuckles* you need help"
>wakes up
>"Hey you, you're finally awake, so you like to fuck guns, right?"
>even the nords know

| >>521257

Turn on your tv, your mom is crying in the talkshow about how her kid is fucking a gun.

| How would you even be fucking a gun?!

| >>521288 small penis or large muzzle

| Kinkshaming is hot tho.

| Kinkshaming is my kink

| >>521268 then there a president speech that gunfucking is the worst of the worst, showing op photo to the whole country/world as example.

| >>521683 dont forget the full length novel on what the warning signs are for somebody being into gunfucking
also, rule 34 is gonna kick in any second now...

| people who get upset about kinkshamers are the worst, because even they will hypocritically kinkshame if someone elses kink is sufficiently taboo and then go on about morality and lines that shouldnt be crossed.

| >>521842 at this point the lines dont exist, and i dont think they ever did

| >>521946
people say that until i reveal my kink, and then they become the very thing they claim to despise

| >>521957 >>521842
I hate when people do that. Say that they don't kinkshame but despises everyone who watches loli, scat, vore, whatever. You either kinkshame or you don't, and sadly most people do.

| im one of those people that really doesnt care.

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