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fucking kinkshamers

| >tells a friend to why i like to fuck guns
>two days later, the entire group knows that i like to fuck guns and kinkshames me
>1 week later, two strangers approaches me
>"you like fucking guns?? *chuckles* you need help"
>wakes up
>"Hey you, you're finally awake, so you like to fuck guns, right?"
>even the nords know

| >>521257

Turn on your tv, your mom is crying in the talkshow about how her kid is fucking a gun.

| How would you even be fucking a gun?!

| >>521288 small penis or large muzzle

| Kinkshaming is hot tho.

| Kinkshaming is my kink

| >>521268 then there a president speech that gunfucking is the worst of the worst, showing op photo to the whole country/world as example.

| >>521683 dont forget the full length novel on what the warning signs are for somebody being into gunfucking
also, rule 34 is gonna kick in any second now...

| people who get upset about kinkshamers are the worst, because even they will hypocritically kinkshame if someone elses kink is sufficiently taboo and then go on about morality and lines that shouldnt be crossed.

| >>521842 at this point the lines dont exist, and i dont think they ever did

| >>521946
people say that until i reveal my kink, and then they become the very thing they claim to despise

| >>521957 >>521842
I hate when people do that. Say that they don't kinkshame but despises everyone who watches loli, scat, vore, whatever. You either kinkshame or you don't, and sadly most people do.

| im one of those people that really doesnt care.

| >>521957 Never had that happen to me despite having a pretty bad fetish, must feel awful.

| Everyone can have their own weird fetishes. On two conditions:
- They know they are weird
- They hide it

So if you are "kinkshamed", it means that you didn't follow these conditions and you deserve it.

| >>522311
Yeah. That's so true. I wish people would just keep to themselves and never express their feelings. Like, people who don't have the same sexual preferences and fantasies as me are honestly just disgusting.

| >>522311 man, I think your opinion is weird. You shouldn't post that shit in here man, it disgust me. Are you not aware of how weird your opinion is? You deserve to be shamed.

| Ever heard of Garand thumb? Try telling me you like fuckin' guns once the action catches you somewhere. I got the webbing of my hand caught in a Colt Woodsman and that thing is a target .22. It fuckin' hurt.

| I'm a proud kinkshamer and I wear my title with pride!!

| Are we talking about Girl's Frontline here? Because if so I also like to fuck guns.

| >>522580 I don't care if it is weird (and no, your trolling attempt didn't work), it is how it should be. If you can't tell that your weird kinks are weird, it's a problem. And if you can't realise that others don't care about them, it's also a problem. That's all.

| >>522505 It's not a feeling but a sexual preference. Which is something private. You can talk about it in a private context, I don't care.
If you have no shame nor self-respect, it's your problem, but don't shove your shit into others' faces.

| >>522608 I'm pretty sure I used to have a picture of that from somewhere. It did not look pleasant.

| >>522975 "my criteria of weirdness is arbitrary. There is no way to quantify/qualify how weird kinks are. So your kinks are just weird, if I think it is. If you think otherwise then don't throw your arguments at me!!! Or I'll cry and call my mom waaaaaaaaaah"

| being weird is EVIL and WRONG. it's NORMALIZING and creates a SLIPPERY SLOPE. i sincerely hope no one here is choosing to be weird. it is damaging to society and you need to STOP.

| >>522976 >>522975 >>523001
First of all I want to say that I don't want to fight here. If anyone is open to have a calm, open discussion about with me that would be great.

Second, I'll just get the petty stuff out of the way.
>>987127 that last line is one of the most immature insults I've heard in a while.
>>40136b a sexual preference is something you feel, and what should be kept private/what's not ok to talk about is subjective.


| Ok. So, a question for you >>40136b. What qualifies as weird. Is it weird because not a lot of people have the same preference? Is it weird because you don't have the same preference? Is it weird because it's morally wrong according to religion? What makes a kink/fetish weird.

Then a second question for you. Why should people be shamed for having a weird kink? Is it because it makes you uncomfortable, or is there another reason?


| Now please answer seriously. Don't just reply with "It's just weird." or something of that nature. I want to have an actual discussion here.

Also, I fucked up with that red text.

Now the last question for you. Why does people's links bother you? While I'm not really into most fetishes, I don't see why everyone who has them should feel bad about it.

They haven't chosen those kinks. They're born with them. I feel like as long as they're not hurting anyone, why should we hurt them?

| >>523049
What is weird is what has no reason to exist while having potentially bad effects. BDSM is fantasising about torture, I don't see how not to qualify it as weird. Lolis are quite closely related to pedopornography (do you consider being a pedophile as a kink?). And let's not get started on scat and such.
And I let people have their kinks. As long as they don't try to spread them, that's all. If they do, they are potentially "hurting" people for no reason at all.

| >>523049
Shame isn't thinking "I'm shit because of..." but "I shouldn't be proud of that thought". Because yeah, considering my definition of a weird kink, I don't see a good reason why people would be proud of it.
What's private is defined by society. And society defines animal behaviours like sex as private. So sexual kinks, as well as sex, should remain in the private sphere. There is no good reason to change that.

| >>523049
I'd also add that kinkshaming wouldn't exist if people didn't show their kinks outside of private sphere.

And as for people "being born with kinks", I don't see how it changes anything. I'd take the example of pedophilia again: being innate or not doesn't justify anything.

| >>523047 There was no name calling in my post. Call it immature or whatever, If you actually read this thread, the person I replied to straight up refused any argument/attempt to discuss his perspective. She also call others troll and claimed people "deserve to be shamed" with no logical argument.

Do you expect me to not make fun such behavior when she is knowingly post this on a board/thread in which discussions supposed to happen?

| >>523063
people dont choose what gets them off. shitting all over them does nobody good. you cant spread pedophilia, its not like the flu. freaking out over someone liking drawings does nothing to protect real children. consenting adults can safely enjoy bdsm.

you dont "let" anyone have anything. youre not the Lord of this world. people have kinks whether you like it or not; whether THEY like it or not. get off your moral "high ground", you are not making the world a better place.

| >>523119 It looks like you read only half of what I wrote.
They don't choose it, but they decide to be proud of it or not.
For pedophilia the problem isn't that it'd spread, but that if you say "this guy is downloading child porn, but he's not harming anyone so let him", you might have a problem.
Consenting adults can enjoy whatever they want, but publicly showing that torture is pleasure is not acceptable.

And your lack of moral standards doesn't make you better either.

| >>523125 your argument is a slippery slope. Yes, most people will agree to condemn a pedo who is being open with expressing his/her fetish. But society knows no boundary. Soon after that, streaming violent games will also be shutdown because the streamers are "publicly showing that torture is pleasure" and it will bleed to other media and social interactions.

| >>523138 If the streamed game is about torturing people in a realistic setting, it could arguably be good to indeed limit showing such a thing.
And the difference is also that games aren't private while sex is. Thus the difference.
I'm not saying that people should stop talking publicly about kinks; I'm saying that they should stop talking publicly about their sexual life completely.

| I'm >>1cbce1

I'm aware that in his earlier posts he wasn't being open for discussion, but the solution to that is not to insult him.

>>523063 >>523064 >>523065 >>523125 >>523161
I'll start of by saying that I agree with one of your points. Downloading child pornography is not ok. But the reason for it not being ok is because a child was hurt while making it.

Downloading child pornography is the same as supporting the abuse and potential murder of children.


| Now, think about loli hentai. No children were hurt while drawing it. It's not a video of a child being abused. It's a video of put together of a bunch of drawings.

While those drawings are supposed to resemble children, they're not real, making them harmless.

Now over to BDSM. While some, probably most of BDSM is torture inspired, it's not actual torture. It's two people who are aroused by the concept of it roleplaying.


| Now over to the stuff about these kinds of things being bad influences on people.

BDSM does not promote torture. People who torture others don't do it because they watched BDSM. They do it because they are mentally ill.

It's the same with loli and shota. It's not made to promote sexual relationships with children. It's made to appease the people who fantasize about it.

I would also appreciate it if everyone could calm down and not answer so aggressively. It makes things harder.

| >>523180 My point was a bit confusing so I'll try to clarify.
I'm not saying that stuff like loli, bdsm or whatever should be forbidden; as you said, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone in the process, I don't really care.
What I'm saying is that it shouldn't be "normal", because the line between a fantasy and reality can become thin if everyone agrees to say that the fantasy is acceptable. If people think that "fake" rape is enjoyable, why not try it in real life?

| Moreover, when you see the amount of people believing that catch is real, or that pornography shows real sexual intercourse, you can end up doubting that people are actually able to tell the difference between the "fake" content they see online, and real life.
Moreover, you consider adults here, but what about younger people? While I don't encourage obscurity, telling kids that "playing rape" is acceptable might not be a good idea.

| I know that all my arguments are based on potential issues, not certain ones. But from my point of view, if people kept their sexual life private, it wouldn't hurt them, and would avoid all of those potential issues.
The Internet era makes everyone thinking that showing everything about them publicly is good, but it usually only brings trouble (facebook is proved to decrease well-being, supposedly because of that).

| So yeah, I was intentionally exaggerating by saying that kinkshaming was good. I'm not saying that we should do a witch hunt to shame everyone with kinks, because most people have some anyway.
What I'm saying is that it might be best to avoid showing them, because it would put an end to kinkshaming as well as avoiding various issues.

In the end, I simply don't see how talking publicly about your sexual preferences could be of any good.

| By the way, I'm not talking about restricted groups. If you talk on a forum about bdsm, of course you can talk freely about it there, because it's what it's made for. These restricted spheres are not what I call "public".
So people can still talk about it online if they want, I don't want to prevent that either.

| >>523198
Ok. Thanks for explaining. I'm starting to see your point of view a lot better now.

I'm >>9b3127
I change ID a lot.

To be honest, I feel like it isn't really talked about publicly though. I don't know how it's like where you live, but where I'm at, foot fetish was a completely foreign thing for most of the people around me only last year.

Kinks aren't really being talked about a lot publicly. At least irl. I live in a country where everyone's online too.


| Huh. My ID didn't change for once.

Since you're on this forum, I assume you use it regularly, and potential use other similar forums.

That could explain why you feel like so many people are talking about their kinks and stuff.

This is a forum catering to weebs, with an entire section dedicated to pornography. Of course there's going to be a lot of fetish stuff here.

But is this forum advertised to kids? No. Neither is BDSM forums.


| No adults walk around telling kids about BDSK, scat, loli, whatever. Some places you could probably get arrested for that.

It's not like everyone's talking about it either. Most kids won't know about that kind of stuff until they start watching porn, and then there's no real reason to hide it from them.

You also say you don't want stuff like that to be "normal", and it isn't, and will never be. Most people aren't into BDSM, so it'll never be "mainstream". You get me?


| Facebook isn't a social media site I used. I personally hate it, and you mentioned something about it negatively impacting people, which for the most part is true.

That's not because of fetishes though. It's not because people are talking about kinks all the time, because they aren't.

So many people use Facebook, that saying something there has become the same as saying it irl in front of everyone you know, and most people don't do that.

| >>523227
It is true that what I said doesn't apply much to the IRL part, because social norms are still applied. But it is basically due to IRL kinkshaming, so it doesn't really show anything.

As for the online part, I acknowledge that "mainstream" sites won't talk about weird fetishes - or at least, sites that are linked to an identity.
On every website giving anonymity, I've seen people talk about things like BDSM.

| I first saw it when I saw the "fresh" section of 9gag (not the best of places I admit, but a public one, and absolutely not focused on sex) plagued with pornographic posts, mainly about BDSM and foot fetish. And comments on those post are never "shaming" anything: criticise the fact that such images are posted on an humorous website, and you'll get insulted.
Every image board (not only sexual ones) will contain at least things like foot fetish

| (I used Facebook only as an example to show that "exhibitionism" wasn't really a good thing, it wasn't focused on sex.)

So maybe I was unlucky, and have been seeing the wrong posts just by chance. But I believe that a website like 9gag or similar will be used by kids (the age requirement is 13 if I remember, and nobody follows those anyway), and having risky practices shown as normal might not be a good thing.

| Once again, I'm not saying that we should hide sex from kids. I'm saying that we shouldn't show them things they don't need to see. If you are born with kinks, then you'll eventually find one of the "restricted" places I was talking about earlier.
If you aren't, at best it will annoy you, at worst it will influence you in a bad way. Maybe not if you are an intelligent adult, but not everyone online is.

| It basically feels to me as if people were having fun walking around naked in the streets. Maybe no kid will see it, maybe it won't be a problem, and maybe they like it like that.
But those are "maybe"'s, while I'm pretty sure that I don't want to see that.

So I understand that my opinion would be to restrict people, in a way. But I feel that it is the best way, or at least the safest. And I believe that people can be happy without becoming exhibitionists...

| >>523233
Again, I see your points, but I feel like your mind may be exaggerating things. (That's not an insult.)

You used 9gag as an example. A place that has a 13+ age restriction. I don't know about you, but me and most people I know started watching porn before that.

Not because we were shown it by anyone. Not because we were on some random site and someone were sharing fetish stuff. But because puberty hits most people before 13.


| I feel like online and real life shouldn't be considered as the same thing. You use the word exhibitionist, and compare it to people walking around naked in the streets.

People don't do that, and they usually don't publicly share sexual stuff online. Like you mentioned, maybe you're just "unlucky" as you phrase it, and I think that may be true.

I'm on the internet a lot, and never run into stuff like that unless I'm looking for it.


| I'm not saying that you're looking for it, and I'm not denying the fact that you may run into stuff like that unintentionally.

Personally I watch a fair amount of hentai, so I know what running into fetishes you're really not into is like.

But I don't blame the fact that I didn't like it on the people who like it.

Let me put it this way. To you think there should be one porn site for every single fetish?


| I'm aware that I took the conversation away from normal social media over to porn sites, but think about it.

Why create a divide where a divide is not required?

If we were to make a social media site for every single preference out there, we would create closed of groups that wouldn't communicate well with each other.

If someone wants to talk about something they like, can't they just do that, instead of having to "go over there" and do it?


| I don't want the world to be a place where we define a "normal", and everyone who isn't "normal" can't be where the "normal" people are.

Like, what's a normal kink? Right now incest is all over the major porn sites. Does that mean incest is part of what's "normal"?

So my two main points:

1. The majority of people don't go around talking about/promoting their fetishes.

2. Why do people who prefer different things need to talk about that exclusively with people who also like it?

| >>523239
As for your first main point, I can't really answer. I can't tell whether it's just that I'm unlucky, or if my standards are too high to tolerate what I see.

And for the second point, I have basically two things to answer. First, I didn't talk about fetishes only, but about sex in general. If a website isn't specifically about sex (or doesn't include explicitly sexual content), then no sexual content should be found there. So the division is between sexual and not sexual.

| Secondly, I never said that people should be divided by fetish, but only that you should desire to see such content, not to find it by chance.
What I mean is that if you like BDSM fetish, you can find a forum talking about it.
If you want to discuss with different people, I'm pretty sure you can find forums talking about sex in general. Communication is still possible, but not forced on people who didn't search for it.

| If kinks aren't created (you are born with them), then either people will think "I like this kind of stuff, can I find it on the internet", or won't like it and won't see it at all.
If they are curious, they can still find sites focused on sex or such, so it's not blocking any kind of knowledge. It's just that one needs to have the intention to see something, to see it.
This would implicitely protect kids, as they wouldn't find (risky) pornographic stuff "by chance".

| I understand the idea that everyone should be allowed to be themselves, but it's important to remember that it shouldn't bother other people uselessly. And I believe that separating porn/non-porn, and maybe kinks, would be a solution to that without forcing people to change.

Maybe it's hard for me to understand others' point of view, but for me this is just a matter of decency. I'm not sure decency still exists on the internet though, so maybe I'm wrong.

| >>523244
Ok. Please don't take this as an insult, but it seems like you're just sensitive.

| Not to shame you for that, but it seems like that may be why you think like this. You've lived a sheltered life, and you're not used to vulgar stuff.

| >>523307 It's not really a matter of disliking vulgar stuff or not. What I dislike is the fact that people are unable to understand when they shouldn't talk about something.

If I am "sensitive" as you say then it is by choice.

| >>523313
But why shouldn't they talk about it. If it doesn't hurt anyone, why can't they talk about it?

It's not like people walk up to strangers and talk about it. The few who talk about it only talk about it with people they know. I don't see how that's harmful.

| >>523346 They can talk about it. In private settings, or in places made to talk about such things. You say that they only talk to people they know, but that's not the case on the internet.
Talking on a public place on the Internet is basically the same as shouting it on the street.
And you are saying that it "doesn't hurt anyone" but it could.

| >>523348
You keep saying it may hurt someone, but you never explain how.

| >>523361 Well I'll take a personal example: if I'm eating while browsing on a random website and suppendly see a post about a guy sticking his dick in crap, I don't really enjoy it.

More seriously, people who were raped for example might not really enjoy BDSM posts. That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about.

| >>523390
When it comes to the first example, that's just fucking hilarious and I have no idea what sites you have to browse to just stumble upon something like that.

When it comes to the second example, it doesn't feel good to say, but they'll just have to live with that.

That's like saying it's not ok to tell offensive jokes because some may feel offended by them.

Or saying that FPS games shouldn't exist because war veterans may be triggered by them.


| It's not like I don't have empathy for people who have gone through horrific shit like that, but if you want to change the world using that logic, the world would be shit.

To take it to an extreme: Banning cars because of people who've been in traffic accidents.

Personally I've been hit by a car before. When I could finally start walking again, and sat in car, I always felt like we were going really fast and were going to crash.


| Of course my thing and being a rape victim is two very different things, but it's the same concept.

(insert thing) shouldn't be allowed publicly because someone may have had a bad experience with something similar.

They don't put disclaimers for drowning scenes at the beginning movies just in case someone in the audience almost drowned once, and they shouldn't have to do that either.

Also, most sites don't show fetish stuff. I think it's just the one's you use dude.

| >>523418 I'm talking about sites like 9gag.

And even if you consider that it wouldn't hurt anyone/you don't care, it is still a matter of privacy. Most companies on the internet envourage people to stop caring about their privacy simply because they make money out of it, and in the end people don't even know what online privacy is anymore.
You don't care about others, very well, but at least have enough self-respect to stop rubbing your private life on everyone's face.

| >>523433
Isn't 9gag a meme site or some shit? I don't think you can expect very high standards there.

I feel like what's private and what isn't should be a personal thing though.

Idk. I feel like we've both gotten to say what we wanted to say, and while I can kind of see where you're coming from, I don't agree with you.

I feel like this is a good place to end our discussion, and I'm glad that we managed to keep it level headed.

| >>523433
i just want to say that it is each individuals place to decide what is private and not sharable to the public.

and those that do choose to discuss kink stuff? many use an online persona that cannot be casually linked to their real world identity. i personally discuss things that could get me hanged. i take all appropriate steps to ensure my safety. it is not a self respect issue. rather, i have enough self respect to seek out others like me who i can discuss things with.

| >>523627 So if I decide that my body isn't private I can walk around naked in the street? What is public is determined by people *and* society.
If the mask of anonymity is enough to remove any manners from you, simply because you aren't risking anything, then that's what I call a lack of self-respect. If not for this attitude, the Internet would be a way more peaceful place.

| >>523633
i dont understand your notion of public vs private spaces. also the notion of rubbing it in peoples faces.

do you feel that discussing kinks on /d/, for example, is akin to walking around nude in public? and that kinksters must be shamed for it? the board isnt private. its publicly available to everyone. so we cant say its not public.

if i choose to start a thread discussing a kink that others might share, is that rubbing my perversion in peoples faces? is that wrong??

| i am also perplexed why you suggest i have no manners or self respect, just because i disagree with you. anonymity does not take those away from me. i use my anonymity responsibly to discuss something difficult to discuss with others who share it in common with me. i do not exclusively do so on "private" closed/invite only places, and that is for a multitude of reasons. i do not rub it in peoples faces. but some people feel the need to rub their vitriol in mine, which is very rude.

| >>523662 I make a distinction between fully public, semi-public/restricted, and private spaces.
The /d/ board is *made for* sexual discussions. Therefore it is not fully public, in the way that it "warns" people about the content. So you don't rub it in people's face, as they chose to come there.
A general discussion board (not adult-only) is public as people don't expect sexual matters there.

| What I'm saying is that if you talk about sexual matters on a public (as defined above) space, while you wouldn't talk about it to strangers in the streets, it means that anonymity removed the self respect that implies decency, both IRL and online.
If you do it on restricted, adult-only sites, I don't care, it's a restricted place and people there are aware of what they'll find.

| im >>56b43a
i definitely dont understand you. if those sites arent adult only but permit adult topics, you can expect to discover any topic discussed under the sun, including kink stuff. it seems like others are the ones butting in and rubbing their morality in peoples faces uninvited.

| i dont have a clear picture on the percieved harm causes by discussing kinks.

but i know firsthand the good it does. my condition is more than some kink. there is no for resources for it. if you diidnt know private groups existed, like i didnt, there was nowhere to talk.

i met this kid who was suffering from the same as me. he was going to kill himself. he would not have met me if i had not talked about my sexual proclivities in a public space. he would be dead right now.

| i met another dude shortly after, as a result of talking openly about it. we talked. he let off a lot of steam. he quit his heavy drinking. he fixed his porn problems. went back to uni. he is a much better person. he benefited greatly from talking to someone who had the same sexual problems as him, talking about his sexual feelings.

| i have talked to many others like me whose lives improved by meeting others. they could only do so by seeing it discussed openly.

i am also a much better person, so much better, for having talked openly, and having met these people who i can talk about shit with.

i have come to learn that talking publicly helps people & saves them from suicide, a common problem for my kind.

for that reason, i will not stop talking openly.

there is no wrong being done that outweighs this good.

| im sorry if this seems dramatic. my condition is more than a mere kink, maybe it is not directly related to the subject at hand, but i can only imagine similar benefits apply to kinksters also.

| I see OP is a /k/ poster

| *cums*

| >>523744
What exactly is this "not just kink"? I'm just curious. Can't really get any complaints from saying it either, since I'm asking.

| >>523838
im exclusively sexually attracted to prepubescent girls

| My kink is reading gurls throwing walls of text about kinkshaming. Cummed many times reading this thread. Thanks, gurls!

| Thread -> just let me die, let me die, let me die in piece. Im perfect, i m t o o p e r f e c t. This what happens when you become a longgoing thread. . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH

| >>523943
Exclusively huh. I'm attracted to some of them, but not exclusively. That must be fucking horrible. Sorry dude.

| Ok are we talking about fucking kids now :monkaS:

| >>524386
Nah. Just prepubescent girls. It's not like that wasn't a topic earlier though, if you read the thread.

| >>524344

no. no discussion of fucking children is happening in this thread.

| >>523943 >>524344 >>524386 >>524401 >>524476

We certainly hope not.

| >>524476 not with that attitude

| >>524560
Threatening and accusing your user? That's not nice.

| >>524560 yeah she is not, just pretend that she is not, so that you can say to FBI that this site does not endorse CP and the admins/mods don't tolerate CP discussions.

Done? Ok, let's all back to joke about mod approved loli pref x anon e

| >>524560
can you quote where such a discussion was happening if you think otherwise?

all i did was answer that anons question and now everyone is shitposting.

| >>524644 lol shut up nigger, how is that a threat?

| >>524700

I don't think such discussions were occurring, otherwise I would have locked the thread/carried out other actions by now. The thread has been for the most part unexpectedly civil and intelligent- I was posting mainly as a reminder, albeit a slightly ominous reminder.

...Maybe too ominous. Sometimes jokes fall flat on the internet. Sorry.

| >>524703
That shouldn't be too surprising. When joking through text you kind of need a comedic set-up for the joke to land. In this thread there was none, and you didn't create one either.

| I also agree that this thread has been surprisingly pleasant. I have gotten a lot less shit here than in most threads with these kinds of topics.


| >>524703
oh. i didnt think there was any risk of it going in that direction, so i took it as an accusatory statement, where you believed a statement of having an attraction was tantamount to being a child molester. that is a very common line of thinking to run into so that is what i thought had happened.

its a very serious subject for me, so even if the setup for the joke was there it likely would have flown over my head anyway. thanks for clarifying.

| >>524713

No problem.

| >>524713
That is sadly a pretty common way of thinking. I hope people will stop treating pedophiles as criminals soon. I know they won't though. It'll take at least a few more years and some innocent victims.

| >>524721
ironically the best allies we have are child sex abuse prevention researchers...... no one listens to them when they push for child protection legislature though lolol

| >>524745
Wait, why? Isn't child protection legislature a good thing? Like, for everyone?

| I keep changing ID so annoying.

| >>524757
fosta was passed as child protection legislation. isps are losing their safe harbor protections left and right in the name of protecting the children.

lolicon's legal status is ambiguous in the States and illegal in most other countries due to laws that are designed to but dont actually protect children. in Australia, women with small breasts, hilariously, are prohibited from appearing in porn.

| >>524757
sex dolls, which researchers think might help reduce CSA by making alternative sexual outlets an option, are being made illegal purely out of fear hate and spite with no data to back their fears up.

pedos who done nothing wrong but need or want therapy get their shit fucked up by mandatory reporting laws, which legally compel therapists to instigate police involvement and violate patient confidentiality in a very public way that will destroy that persons public life.

| >>524757
these laws are only good when they serve their intended purpose (protecting children from CSA).

all of these laws at best reduce free speech with no known reduction in CSA as a result, at worst have the very OPPOSITE effect of what they were drafted to accomplish.

| >>524792 >>524794 >>524795
Well, that's fucked. I knew people were dumb, but jesus christ. I knew about the stuff with sex dolls and therapists, but I didn't know loli was illegal. I hope more people will start speaking up about this shit.

| >>524954
https://prost.asia is a promising new little nonprofit that does advocacy and pushes for research on related subjects. they want to prevent CSA without sacrificing anyone's free speech rights. they are pro loli, anti fosta, etc while maintaining a hard stance on CSA prevention.

to me they're like a dream come true, and i hope you will consider checking them out.

| >ignores this thread since it was posted
>decides to check it out
>scrolls to the bottom
what the fuck happened here

| >>525000
I'll check them out when I've got some time. Thanks for sharing!

| >>525120 i know right

| anyone here a pro-contact MAP ? :3 it makes me happy that there are people like me in this community . lets talk about our aoa sometimes xD

| >>521257 I absolutely despise these normies that say 'you need help', 'you should get help'.
They think that anyone slightly out of their stupid description of 'normal' must change their ways and become one like them. Fuck them.

| >>525000
They seem like a really good organisation. I read the article about dolls and it seems like they actually know wtf they're talking about, unlike most people.

| >>525205
what i like is they let you donate to specific causes. im just a monthly supporter but ill probably dump some of my savings when they try to fund a study vetting loli

i dont understand your intent when you make a stupid shitpost like this.

| >>525247

What is "pro-contact MAP" and "aoa?"

| map = minor attracted person
pro contact = "i think having sex with children is okay"
aoa = age of attraction, the age range one is attracted to

its a shitpost and hes not a map.

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