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Real talk though, ladies, are your breasts/nipples as sensitive as media lets us believe?

| Because mine aren't all that sensitive, I get almost zero arousal from playing with them, and I dunno if that's wrong or something.

| Mine aren't sensitive at all, but my girlfriend's are a lot. I can arouse her just by touching them. Another difference? My breasts and nipples are big while her's are both small.
It's just a theory of mine, but the bigger the tits and nipples are, the least sensitive they usually are.

| I wish mine were but I'm one of those broken makeshift girls so I'm at a disadvantage. I hear you can MAKE your nipples become more sensitive to stimulus by manually stimulating them yourself every day but I don't know if there is any merit to that or if it was just some mean anon trying to trick people into routinely flicking and twisting and rubbing their own tits for no good reason

| I'm in the zone where they're aren't sensitive normally, but they become a lot more sensitive once they're given enough stimulation.

| Not female, but very interested in this topic for reasons that I don't think I have to explain.

| I dont feel anything tbh. Was scared something might be wrong with me :(

| I'm a dude and my nipples are quite sensitive they get hard when I run them

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This thread is permanently archived