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High school crush thread

| This is fucking it bois and g/u/rls, we did it, right before she got off the train she whispered in my ear "I like you", I'm gonna get her a teddy bear and ask her out on a date next week.

| Oh shit, gg, she and I had actually both wanted to ask each other if we wanted to go out and we'll post some awkwardness well we are (I mean we're still awkward right now though) so if you all have any tips to bypass awkwardness please advise me, thanks for your good spirits everyone!

| Good for you g/u/rl!

Okay on awkwardness, this is a cliché. However just be confident cause you're not in everyone's spotlight out there. The biggest thing that fueled my social angst was that I can't even cough without someone thinking something

Considering how both of you are awkward she would be too focused on her behaviour. So be chill and act like it's any other thing you already did, it'll defuse the tension.

| >I can't even cough without someone thinking something

Correction. This is what I thought. In reality people wouldn't given a rats ass why I sometimes dry cough cause like everyone does it. This even goes to some more embarrassing thing you can do in public.

So yeah. Only you have a 24/7 livestream of your thought. Which can get maddening if your brain overloads itself with whatifs.

Think of what exactly you're going to say if you want, but you already got this in the bag.

| Way to go OP so proud of you!

| I'm happy for you dude. Congrats!

When it comes to awkwardness, just don't think about it. All relationships start kind of awkwardly. Just embrace it.

| Alright, so we're gonna give each other some time without the relationship stuff so we have time to come to grips with what's actually happening because I don't think either of us really thought this would happen, and then on Friday we're gonna go out, hold hands and share a bubble tea

| Bubble tea. Nice choice.

| >>519856
Woah wtf? Hand holding!? On your first date!? That's too far man...

| Respec g/u/rls.

| Hands are for looking, not touching.

| Hands are for lewding

| Take her hand and go blow yourselves up somewhere.

| So I've told her about the thread, she said it's embarrassing, if there's anything you'd all like to tell her you may post as such and I'll let her know

| I think you've made a good choice. OP seems like a good person. But if it turns out he isn't, don't hesitate to break up. The same goes for you too OP.

| >>520285 Well I guess it'd have to come out at some point.

Have fun you two!

| The madman actually did it! Good job op!

| Is this the same gurl who wanted to ask another gurl out in a weeb way from /a/?

| Congrats!! I'm happy for you g/u/rl :)

| >>520562 I don't think so.

| I haven't been checking, someone please drop me some lore.

| Tfw you're op but you have a shit memory so you probably aren't them but might be if it were a long while back

| >>520694 omg same, I'm OP of this thread but didn't remember until i saw your post

| Why don't you tell me your presumably amazing way of asking this person out, it sounds like it would have been awesome. Aaalso, the first date is done, we walked around in really cold weather and held hands, I also put my head on her shoulder while riding the train with her to take her back to her place, she was really nervous but it was just so adorable.

| (OP btw)

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