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Those other two active threads rn basically sum up /d/

| Just checking /d/ and like

>trans girls are...

>My fetish

This is basically /d/ and I love it. Tgirls for life!!

| It maybe just my bi ass but I feel like Tgirls are the best of both worlds.

Like ofc I'm sorry if it is a bit too fetishistic (and I'm aware that some girls feel dysphoria for having a penis) but I just wanna suck girl dick!

| >>518753 I'm glad that you're able to be self aware enough to realize that some girls have dysphoria because of their dicks, and aware enough to realize tbe fetishisistic parts of it, because honestly so many people have fetishized me, called me slurs, and didn't care if something they did made me dysphoric. It was terrible. You though, you sound like You might be able to enjoy my body without being rude, or hurtful, or creepy. And that makes me really happy ^^

| >>518820
Yeah, there's definitely a very blatant line between people who just understand and appreciate trans girls AND their bodies (or trans guys in some cases) and then the outright creepers who ONLY see it as an objectified sex thing and nothing less...

| >>518895 yeah, one makes me scared, the other makes me happy and fuzzy and feel safe and loved ^^

| >>518820 >>518895 >>518910

OP here to say that yeah I wrote this while being kinda drunk after new years. However I'm glad that I didn't creep you all out.

This might be splitting hairs but I feel that the best way to treat trans people is be sex friendly, not fetishistic. Cause not all of you are into the same thing I imagine. So yeah.

>Support Trans g/u/rls!

>Love Trans g/u/rls!

| thank y'all for being so kind and loving

| Trans girls are gay. Extra gay if you own a camry.

| >>519037 what about the straight trans girls?

| Trans girls are eating a carrot pretending it's a dick?

| >>519037
But I'm a gay and can't even drive...

| >>519139 Yes.

| I also hate carrots...

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This thread is permanently archived