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How to turn a pure Christian girl lewd

| I would like to preface this by saying that I'm absolutely serious about all of this.

I'm a rope fetishist, and a very sexual person, I'm in love, and that person is kind enough to love me back. We've been living together for about a year and a half now, and we've been dating for about nine months.

| We haven't at this point done anything more physically than kiss, which happened at about the seven month mark. Yet, we both are very much emotionally attached to each other, spend almost every possible waking moment together, and when we spend time apart we each go into cuddle withdrawal. It's somewhat of a strange situation.

| Due to her upbringing, I have a strong suspicion that she's sexually repressed. She, for a long time before dating me thought that she was asexual. What can I do to help bring her out of her shell, so to speak? I want to be physically intimate with the woman that I care about, in addition to emotionally. Hopefully with rope involved. Suggestions welcome.

| If you think you can just go in guns blazing tyinger her to a knod, you're crazy.

If she is sexually repressed you need to go slow or even with a therapist (in case this may relate to an earlier trauma or bad memory).
You'd only hurt her and put her in a terrible position if you suddenly demanded her to get physical with you.

TLDR:This gonna take months

| I love sex.

| Have you tried actually talking to her about this?

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This has already taken months. It took a really, really long time to get her to even kiss me. I care about her too much to hurt her like that. No way would I force her.

I tried, although it was more just both of us saying that this was a problem, and not really coming up with a solution.

| >>518074 I would say, while cuddling with her, say something like, "I love you, and I want you to know it's okay to say no, but, I would really, really love to have sex with you, if you're comfortable with it." Don't do stuff with ropes at first, just some simple vanilla stuff to get her into it, and be sure to be very safe and loving with her since it's her first time. Use a condom if she wants you too, sweet talk her, kiss her, and be sure to cuddle and do some after care when

| >>518145 you're done, as this is her first time (especially if you find yourself going pretty hard because of habit). make sure she knows that she did a great job, make her feel good (get her to cum preferably), let her know it's okay to say no or to tell you to slow down etc. Make it special for her, physically and emotionally. Eventually she'll trust you enough that maybe she'll let you tie her wrists together, then maybe down to a bed, keep upping it as you think will be most

| >>518146 comfortable for her. I believe in you!! Just take it slow and steady, let her know you love her, and it will work out! I used to be the girl in this situation, now im a kinky freak lol. My bf and gf got me into bondage, gentle domination, hypno, some pet play and degrading, even some con non-con lol. best time of my life! good luck!

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Welp OP, this is probably the best answer you're gonna ever get from this site lmao.

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"My bf and gf"
"Pet play"
"Gentle dom"
>Running jealousy.exe

| My gf is into being tied up but not much more than that (and we're both submissives so it's kinda one sided when we do that stuff for her)

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