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My fetish

| ...is bring held gently and having my hair stroked and receiving gentle kisses and being told I'm a good girl by a woman who truly cares for my wellbeing and isn't just explouting me to steal my money and harvest my organs for the black market

why is this fantasy so impossible, damn you anime

| Same, I just want to cuddle with someone cute and do cliche fluffy stuff like share a milkshake, or hold hand, or look at the starts together or to fall asleep on them. I just want to feel those fuzzy feelings!!

| >>517922 just grow some guro fetish, so you'll get off when your organt is being stripped and sold

| I just wana be a shota protagonist :(

| Wanna fucc?

| >>518486
Only if it means a nice lady cuddles me and gives me good aftercare

| i just want to love and feel loved

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This thread is permanently archived