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How to never get an erection again (pre hrt and no chasity)

| I'm a trans girl who suffers from intense bottom dysphoria, especially when I get hard. Is there any way to keep me from getting hard before I get on hrt? Plz don't suggest a store bought chasity cage (I live with parents), DIY is fine though, although I'd prefer to not have a cage (unless it's the only way)

| Hire someone to give you constant blowjobs while you sleep.

| >>517783 I'll do it.
Seriously I don't think there is, you could go with the nofap thing but you gotta be strong for like the first week since you won't only get horny by anything but you could suffer dysphoria for it
Around the first or second week you won't have erections as often.

| >>517795 is there any proof that erections go away? And how exactly do I do it, is it just not touching myself or do I have to watch porn and not touch or what? I'm willing to try it if you could explain a bit more, I'm willing to try almost anything

| >>517802 I ask this because I hear that even after 6 months, erections get harder, and you can get them just by kissing or brushing up on something, I really dont know if I could even handle that

| >>517803 yeah I've never heard of nofap for *not* having boners, unfortunately I can't really help, though I've heard if you flex/tense up your thigh muscles it'll make it go away quicker, might be placebo though

| even if i did wanna suggest a chasity cage, i'm pretty sure they don't stop erections

| Cutt it off

| >>517864 I'll get a surgery eventually, but thats not an option right now.

| >>517866 I'll get surgery for that eventually, but thats sadly not an option right now.

| A few things. I haven't heard of it before this, but flexing your thighs to make an erection go away faster makes a lot of sense. An erection is a result of blood in the penis, so moving it to the thighs stands to reason as an effective way of getting rid of it.

| Drink the penis first

| Next, a chastity cage will prevent you from getting hard, but by making it very painful and drawing a lot of your attention toward your crotch. I presume that you want to be putting your attention toward bottoming, you should be enjoying it.

| There really isn't any easy solution to my knowledge. The thing about erections is that it's an involuntary response. Having done nofap myself for a month and a half I can tell you that while you do stop being so horny after, a while, your penis remains fully functional. Not masturbating won't stop you from getting an erection, it'll just make you less inclined to masturbate.

| My advice is to wait for hrt, and also to try to not be so self-conscious about it. You were born the way that you were. And that's okay. It's involuntary, enjoy yourself.

| >>518036 alright, I'll try to ignore it until then. Thanks
Although I would say that it's not like being self conscious, it's sorta feeling broke? Or just really uncomfortable? Idk how to explain it, maybe it's the same as being self conscious idk. Anyways, thanks for helping out

| I feel like trying to explain dysphoria is super hard without just pointing to the medical definition, good luck girl

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