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trans girls are...

| wondering if this thread will get closed like the ones in /u/.

maybe it won't get deleted if it's posted here...

| It won't be deleted as long as its not cancerous.

The moment the thread becomes 80% or more shitposting and pointless toxicity, it gets locked.

Especially when there are multiple threads on the same subject.

| UwU ima trans girl

| >>517331 but that's how tran threads always turn out...

| >>517334 oh, look.
a cute girl!

| >>517337

Not always. Some of the earlier threads were fine until users started falling for easy bait.

| >>517341 but what are we meant to do, then?

it'll just become a forbidden topic

| >>517342

Ignore them, and continue discussing whatever you were discussing.

| I'm a transgirl too. There's quite a bit of negativity on a lot of the posts here tho.

| >>517359 i'm a trans girl too!

i do agree about the negativity, but i want danger/u/ to be a place that people can openly talk about this stuff, not have it removed...

| /d/ will give all you trans g/u/rls the love you deserve!!

| trans girls are GAY
Y-ou should respect them

| Something seems off about how everything was normal for a while in regards to threads about trans stuff even if they got beseiged by phobic degenerates, but all of a sudden it is Verboten...

In other news i am dysphoric and sad and want to die but what else is new

| >Hug >>517609

| >>517609 I'm so sorry, I hope you feel better soon!!

| Narrator: "She didn't."

| still waiting

| I'll be starting hrt super soon ~

| >>518138 Congrats!!! Im so happy for you!!!! Lets hope it makes you look and feel just right! Good luck girl!!

| All trans girls are V A L I D, C U T E and I love you sisters...

| >>518154 thank you!! This makes me so happy and fuzzy inside ^^

| My HRT hasn't done anything and it's been 6 months and I'm realizing it was far too late for me and I should have started a decade ago...

My shoulders, my hips, my VOICE, this constantly spawning facial and body hair... It can never be healed and no cis girl will ever love me as a girl.

| >>518199 But Cis people suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
Why would you want them girl?

(I'm mostly joking.)

| >>518169 QT

| >>518257
I can't ever be with someone else like me... I need a cis girl to validate me and make me know I'm not just a mistake

| >>518505 you're not a mistake, though...

| I kinda feel like that. The only people who could really love me is bi ppl, a straight guy or gay girl wouldn't love me because I haven't transitioned yet, an a straight girl or gay guy wouldn't love me because I won't look male forever... smh.kimda feeling lonely I guess. I don't think I could ever even have casual sex because they might call me a rapist just because I didn't tell them I had dick, but I only keep it a secret for safety...

| >>518664
Either I made a mistake in coming to terms with my identity instead of being smart and repressing it the rest of my life, or God made a mistake causing me to be born this way. Both are possible.

| >>518701 repressing it wouldn't have made it any better...

i honestly just see you as perfect, cause that's what you are...

| Oh look. A thread full of qt g/u/rls. Hello qt g/u/rls!

| i'm not qt thoughhh

| >>518980 yes u r. stop lying u qt g/u/rl.

| >>518926
My body shape is an upside down triangle and my voice sounds like gravel and my facial features are a dead giveaway, I can't be cute even if I had all the prettiest outfits and makeup in the world

| >>519092 Jesus you act like there is only one way to define cute. No one look like an anime loli character outside in the real world.

Hell, don't even need to be femme to be cute. You can be butch as hell as long as there is a soft side of you we will go awwwwwwwwwwwww.

Don't let cishets tell you you ain't cute. There are plenty of girls out there who would want to hug you just cause you're worrying so much. It isn't pity, we define what we ourselves see as "cute"!

| Hate how people act like we're hugboxing here. The trans people who especially need to hear that they're valid believe that they don't "fit in" and we're just pitying them. Fucking hate it. It just gets trans people to go down an spiral of selfhate when there are people out here who'd actually love to be with them! This is what the normies who define what society sees as valid want us to do, just pity ourself cause we aren't 150cm 60kilos dolls they can play with however they want.

| It's the worst. Society is the worst. Trans, gays and all of us that don't fit in are treated as we're insane and we rather believe that that's the case instead of realizing what WE actually want. It's just. All the bigots feed us a script and we stick to the lines. We are meant to break from the norm and become something we can be happy with, instead we repeat how we can never be happy till we rot and die. Some of us haven't gone outside for months and we act like noones out there

| That's my rant. We shouldn't allow ourself to have society define what we want to be. We are way cuter, prettier and better then those narrow definitions!

| But it is a hugbox tho?

| i like hugs and boxes.

i am cat

| >>8ff8e3 thank you...
you're too kind...

| >>519097
Human society still thrives on consensus, and the standard of what is cute is too well defined, meaning even if I try to trick myself into thinking I'm somehow cute, there's a disconnect between my meaning of cute and the accepted standard of--

god fucking damn it i dont know im just so tired and lonely and scared and fat and masculine and scarred and hairy and old and the world at large thinks i shouldnt exist... i mean theyre RIGHT but they dont have to rub it in...

| >>519152 A lot of us are..

But it's interesting that you mention your age, how old are you really? Cause look how those twat man treat any woman above 24! They act like only people below that dumb number can be "cute"

You can be a mama bear! Let the guys talk whatever they want, they'll run away with their tail between their legs once you get mad! Some creeps don't respect lesbians, so trust me there are girls out there who'd love a big mama bear to protect them!

| >>519215 I know two girls like that IRL.

| keep living in your fake unicorn world. at the end of the day, you cannot dream away truth and you bitterly know it yourselves.

if you are born male, you die male.
if you are born female, you die female.
there are two genders determined by reproductive organs.
and even if you cut these out, every cell in your body is branded with the initials of your gender - XX or XY.

but by all means, keep dreaming on...

perhaps one day you'll wake up.

it'll be a rough awakening.

| Trans girls are pretty cool. Am not one myself but have met many chill ladies. Anyway, cheers, let's have a great year ahead of us

| >>519289
if you don't kill yourselves halfway through. see you in 2020... fuck, already

| >>519277 hey, please dont talk like that. many cultures recognize more than one gender as being natural. Native Americans often recognize two spirit people, a sort of non binary gender.
There have been many studies that show differences in brain structure between males and females. Trans ppl often have structures far more similar to their real gender.
Lastly, Depression can hit us hard, misgendering a trans person can drive them to suicide. Pls be nice to our sisters and brothers!!

| >>84eb03 dude it costs 0 anything not to be dumb and ignorant. Even if you don't believe in it there's no reason to come here and be an ass. Also that whole "one day you'll wake up blah blah" don't do that, it's cringey.

Trans girls here, you are amazing and strong, you have to ensure things cis girls don't and I think you aren't as acknowledged and loved as you should, as a genderqueer girl, I love you all a lot and stay strong this year!

| >>519277 even if those were the things that define someone's gender, what about intersex people?

| >>519289 you're cool too, cutie!~

| >>519325 you speak the truth!

| >>519336 thank you so much, you're so kind and sweet and i love you too and hope you stay strong as well!~ <3

| >>519353
Conservatives refuse to believe that intersex people exist because it completely shatters their entire nonsensical argument. Not to mention any scientific research about the various different naturally occuring chromosomal configurations beyond just XX/XY. Yet they still think science is om their side???

Unfortunately though they have convinced society that I'm not a person and society defines what is and isn't so I'm a freak anyway.

| Unepic thread

| >>519366 you're not a freak

| It's so dumb when people use science as "100% undeniable FACTS!11!" when it's absolutely not definite, science keeps on evolving and changing and ideas from the past could be wrong, but when they're proven wrong they get like "WELL THATS BECAUSE SNOWFLAKES HAVE INVADED SCIENCE" it's so dumb.

We have prove that countless of animal's species change sexes, are intersex and can have homosexual couples. Why is it such a terrible concept when put to us??

| >>519437 >We have proof that countless of animal's species change sexes
Humans are not clown fishes. It doesn't even happen to anything that is close to humans. It's not the same thing as a sex change operation.

| Still, why is it such a horrible thing for someone to have surgery to be who they really are? Nobody shames celebrities or people who get plastic surgery, but they do when it's sex change. You are right, I just wanted to put that it's not an unheard phenomenon and that it's not that big of a deal.

| Its not the transthing itself, but the incredible spam and the attention behaviour of those people. If you want to only talk about you being trans, do it on some other board or forum, which are there for this purpose. But stop spamming here around. Do your thing, nobody cares, but go somewhere else with this and stop annoying. Its annoying to see 1/3 of random is all about trans. Its boring uninteresting stuff i dont care a slightly bit about.

| >>519455

>I don't hate trans people I just don't wanna hear about them or be reminded that they exist.

>It's not like I can't ignore this thread

| XX and XY.
anything inbetween is a defect, a mutation.
keep on anxiously holding onto the delusions that make your distorted perceptions real... the alternative would be opening your eyes, and none of you can take that idea.
stay in eternal denial... i take joy in knowing that idiots like you off yourselves...

| >>519466 lmao ok dude you sound so stupid but alright

| >>519455 dude here's a new concept for you, you can ignore it! I know what a revolutionary idea.

You're the only one that forced yourself to be in this thread just to complain, just ignore it, if it makes you so angry make your own boring threads man

| I have a question for any trans people ITT willing to provide a response. This is an honest question that in no way is intended to be hostile. Why do so many transitioning or transitioned trans people still refer to themselves as trans rather than simply male or female? It always seemed odd to me that someone who wants to be recognized as a specific gender would still identify themselves as separate from that.

| >>519533 I work in politics and put a huge emphasis on understanding the basic motivations of people in order to understand political and social issues. I ask only for my own understanding. I work for a governing right wing party in a non US Western country and know many people who are not supportive of the entire subject of trans recognition etc. Happy to answer questions anyone has related to opposition motives and thoughts if curious. I find this topic fascinating politixally.

| >>519470
apparently that's the only answer you 'people' can provide when faced with clarity of the real world. as expected!

| trans girls are adorable, and that's a fact

| All girls are pre cute tbh. 10/10 would pat again.

| And yet outside the confines of an anonymous niche text board, no one else seems to share that opinion about us...

| >>519747 awwww, thank you!

| >>519767 hey should...

| how have y'all been?

| >>519533 I'm sure a majority of trans people don't openly add trans onto their gender once they can go stealth unless it's on anonymous boards and such, but that's just speculation on my part. Some still call themselves trans even if they could easily go stealth, and they're usually supporters or activists who want to support and advocate for people in the process of transitioning. And a small portion are transtrenders.

| with the muslim invasion going on, you'll be thrown off building pretty soon tbh

perhaps the only thing islam is good for is getting rid of faggots? hmmm

| >>519990 Nonbelievers get the bullet too

| trans girls = adorable

| I can't stop thinking about how I was robbed not only of the life I should have had, to be born a cis girl, but just of even having a female childhood and adolescence specifically... No early years getting to play house without being judged, no friend group of girls to hang out with after middle school, no BFFs to either help me ask my crush to the prom or comfort me if I got shot down... Every single notable rite of passage, lost or defiled for me because of god's cruelty.

| >>519990 Iirc when it comes to trans, Islam canbe pretty progressive. Something about a woman being born in a man's body, but no mention of the other way around however.

| They still would probably kill me though

Hot take: religion is bad

| ...Great.

| >>520203 They would rather someone be transgender over homosexual. At least about half of the followers say they are okay with homosexuality though, that's something.

| end your life

| >>520503 nou

| >>520201 yeah, that... that makes m sad too. I feel like my childhood was wasted. And I'll never be able to have kids because i wasnt born with a womb... idk, I wish I was cis.

| >>520514
I mean if you didn't wish you were cis would you even be trans??? I don't understand the people who don't just want to be normal... I'd kill to be reborn a cis girl..

Never going to be my parent's little girl.. never going to make female friends in childhood and play with them on the playground, never go through all the adolescent rites of passage as a girl, homecoming dance as a girl, graduate as a girl...

| I didn't even attend my own graduation IRL because I didn't want to be deadnamed on stage in front of all those people, have my picture taken or be recorded like that, just having my passage into adulthood permanently branded as MALE in the eyes of the world.

honestly fuck this entire existence

| What the fuck is wrong with all of you? You do realize you don't need to be a woman to enjoy feminine things. And you can have kids even if you're a guy. How can you be so delusional? Do whenever you want but are you being unreasonable as hell

| >>520785 but what if the whole point isn't wanting to be able to enjoy feminine things, but actually is about wanting to be a woman?

not to say trans women aren't women, cause they are are

| Genuine question: why exactly do you want to be a woman? What's so great and different about them that you can't enjoy life as a male? Or do you simply want to conform to society's female gender role?

| >>520803 trans women don't want to be women. They are women. The problem is they can't easily figure out their trans feelings or experiment with feminity because our society pushes very strong standards on what men and women should look like. This forced binarity and gatekeeping is the source of much distress, part of it being gender dysphoria: being not at ease with your body because it does not feel as your gender.

| >>520822 How are they women? Is it a matter of the body or the mind?

I don't subscribe to the belief a person is characterized by their soul, but by experience and how they're conditioned to react, be it natural or learned, so I may not get it, but gender dysphoria just sounds like a delusional-type of mental disorder, and I mean that objectively.

~slut poker sissy (uwu)

| >>520990 their brain structures are more similar to their preferred gender, i.e men have slightly more grey matter and women have more white matter. Their brains litteraly recognize body parts (like a penis for a trans girl and breasts for a trans boy) as foreign and unnatural, and parts they lack (like breasts for a trans girl or penis for trans boy) as missing. It also causes great distress whenever they are treated socially as the gender they are born as. Hope th I helps! -Tgirl

| >>520990 I'll add that you are terribly wrong. For decades in the USA, babies born with ambiguous genitals had surgery to shape them into vaginas (as they were easier to do than penises). Parents were instucted to never tell their children that they were intersex and raise them as girls. Sure enough, many of those were not feeling as girls and transitioned back to their gender, such as male. This disproves your point that gender comes from education.

| >>521015 Aah, so in a way it's a matter of both. Interesting.
For the longest time now I question about his yet only received either vague answers or dismissal, so thank you very much for clearing that up.

>>521050 I will contend that that is debateable. Depending on how malleable the mind is, or how forceful or manipulative the methods are, it's possible. Don't laugh, but out of fear of being homophobic, I watched gay porn to the point where I am no bisexual.

| This thread got deep

| can we call them neo girls instead of trans please

| why are you not honest with yourselves?
you ARE mentally ill!
to say that you aren't is just invalidating your psychological pain!
all these idiots saying 'trans are women'. you're making it worse. you are enabling mental illness to flourish.
these people have real issues and closing your eyes on them is never going to work.
so be honest with yourself and admit it. it's not a shameful thing to say. millions of people have mental issues.
you are in distress and you need to admit it.

| >>521154
Show me the chromosome that dictates whether or not someone should be allowed to wear a skirt

| >>521188
what the hell are you on about
are you dense

| >>521193 how are they dense?

| >>521200 They're dense because all they see is a bigot. Gurl isn't too accepting, but is obviously passionate and willing to help in another way. Besides, despite what>>521015 may say, I'm sure among them are those who are delusional, and they may not necessarily be transtrenders. Still, that type of problem is a difficult one to deal with, else megalomaniacs wouldn't even be a thing.

| >>521235 i'm pretty sure the amount of transtrenders is extremely minimal

| >>521154 Trans are woman!!

| folks
everything in this existence is arbitrary but suffering

| >>521289 you speak the truth

| >>521318
Well put

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