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Im seeking for some quit jacking tips and i need you guys help


| I came here because I read "quit" and "quick" and g/u/rl that shows you are in the wrong place.

Try and not buy into the "nofap" BS? Beyond that do whatever you think you need to.

| >>517247 Why is it BS according to you?

| go on estrogen, that'll kill your libido

| 3 days
Go 3 days wothout fapping, the urge to fap drops after the 3rd day and on the 5th 6th and subsequent days you wont care to fap

| Step 1: Don't stop

| Keep busy with doing other stuff. Fapping is often done out of boredom/habit. In example i fap way more when i dont have a main game to play

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This thread is permanently archived