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| Can someone explain why they get all the hate they do? Yeah, they went from free to subscription based and yeah that limits the selection, but ultimately isn't it a good thing? Like it supports hentai creators and if you want free shit no one's stopping you. I just see it to be similar to how people poke fun at CrunchyRoll users for paying for anime as if supporting creators was a bad thing.
But I dunno, I don't know the whole situation I suppose.

| I guess porn/hentai isn't something a lot of people are willing to pay for? I get that it's to sustain the site and help the artists (hopefully lol) but I still don't think it's all that worth it to pay for that kind of media.

| I don't use their site before the paywall. But what I know is (like I posted before), they made English version of honey select. The game has already been out for 1-2 years at the time and fans has already translated them. Not to mention, they don't release the DLCs for the english version. So they basically just provided a way for you to play the game legally, the game itself is inferior to the pirated one. Plus, they DMCA stuff.

| Now, adressing the crunchyroll. They are basically the same. They just provide you a legal way to watch your anime the product is inferior to the one you can torrent. Because their sub has typo, jojo's stuff is renamed to avoid copyright, not to mention region lock.

And people make fun of "I support the anime industry by subbing to CR" because buying dvd is the actual way to support your fav anime.

| Crunchyroll take the cut of your sub fee, and look what they use it for. No, it's not for giving more money to studios/animator/director, they use it to fund their "original anime".

| Crunchy roll is a whole different thing imo, it's like an anime Netflix sub compared to a hentai/doujin site sub. You can't really compare the two since it serves different "needs" but that's just my opinion.

| Because they are not rooting for the free internet. They provided great content for free and it was awesome, but one day out of the blue they are all like "nope, I forbid you to read it, I want to go legal, pay up, sucker". How do I care? There is a lot of free websites, so it feels very odd and greedy. And if you want to support the creator - support the creator through patreon, why support the publisher?

| Because not all japanese creators have patreon or similar???

And fakku commissions different artists directly to produce fakku exclusive doujins

If you want to read those, pay fakku then, or pirate it

I think what fakku is doing is nice, and they really provided an avenue for doujin artists to break the international market to earn more revenue and thats fine

More people are unhappy since the whole legalisation was too abrupt
Thats it

| The only true way to support authors are to buy their doujins directly in japan, at the coventions, like comiket

The problem is that comiket is absolute hell for foreigners, and buying doujins from bookstotes means seriously jacked up prices that go to the stores, not the artist

And in that every case, what so bad about using fakku, who is the site with all the doujins. Fakku is honest, a lot more than CR at least. They might be greedy, but at least they still care for artists

| If you dont wanna pay for porn, go to nh*ntai or tsum*no wherever u go to beat your meat

I think what i wanted to say afterall is that people hate fakku probably because they lost a seriously good free site to read porn for free on

And now they dont wanna pay for porn

| >>517150 "The only true way to support authors are to buy their doujins directly in japan, at the coventions, like comiket"

I never actually looked into FAKKU but yeah. If I'm paying money for porn I wish it'd go to the one actually making it instead of some CEO dick or some middle men. But most porn sites basically steal the porn from the artist, so I'm weary of giving money to a big business that "pinky promises" that it'd would support "the artists".

| So yeah. I wish to know HOW FAKKU helps "the artists", what's the cut? Does the money I pay go to all the artists or just the one's I watch? Is there a way to file a copyright claim on a doujin they're hosting?

| Not trying to be hostile here, if they actually have a good model I'd be happy to pay up.

I just wanna know that it's an actual good model, and not "good enough".

Because why bother even paying if it doesn't go to the one's actually making the porn.

| They should have keep the old site with free content. Because it was there! And create a new site with fakku exclusives and new doujins from authors they support and whatnot. They can upload there any old ones too, of course. But they should have keep the old site free. Instead they just took it from their readers and give nothing free in return.

They give to the people of the internet one of the best sites and then took ut away, that's why folk hate them

| unfortunately mate, no one is privy to the cuts and shares
the reason why i make the argument that at least fakku is decent is based off the fact that they have demonstrated how close they work with the artists, and that they do commissions of doujins, meaning that very evidently, money is flowing back

and that fakku hasnt done shit like CR by creating western comic porn or some absolute atrocity

i dont think fakku is good good, but i dont think they are terrible, thats all

| >>517163 >>517166
Fakku is money grabbing, yes, but quite honestly, a lot less than CR

idk if they are even a good model, but having one is better than having absolutely no way for money to flow back to creators
and bottom line is that if they arent being a complete trash like CR while pumping money back to creators, id say they are at least passable as a model

| >>517178
thats kind of hypocritical don't you think
to be a legal company yet distributing porn of artists who dont partner with them illegally

kind of like a lowkey threaten "partner with us and get some money, or dont, and get nothing anyway"

just to clear things up btw, im not saying you should start dumping money into fakku just because its passable. in fact, i rather you by the jp dj's off online shops instead

but man, free porn is best porn. I use Nh*ntai myself

| >>517186 Well. Thanks for elaborating on your point. Now I feel that I feel like I know my stance on FAKKU a bit better now.

I guess getting a hardcopy of a doujin instead of browsing on my phone would be dope as well. But yeah dude, Nhentai rules!

| Thanks for the discussion man
feels great to talk about porn with another g/u/rl

| Long time doujin(pirate) here. Lived through most ups and downs in the whole ordeal with Fakku, nhentai and so on. I would like to give my two cents on all of this.
(Trying to keep it short)

So to start off, I hate Fakku.
Now to explain why:
I don't hate Fakku because I lost a "good site to read doujins on".
I personally never really liked it even when it was free to be honest.
Bad design, nothing special, there were hundreds of alternatives etc.

| So if i didn't even like the site back then, why do i hate it now?
Easy to explain.

Once the deal with Wani was sealed, the "purge" happened.
Many websites had a mass deletion of ALL wani doujins. Everything Fakku had the right to issue a DMCA for was gone for good.
Which was a lot. A. Lot.
(By the way, this is why nhentai even happened if anyone didn't know this by now).

Imagine everyones love for Fakku the morning after this. (2/?)

| The same "We are a fellow illegal doujin hosters"-Fakku was now responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of fantranslated doujins practically over night, for- what? Oh right, money.
Any other reason was not foreseeable at that time.

The admin of *-hentai even warned Jacob (or jewcob after all that), proud founder of Fakku, that people might not like what he was doing there, but he didn't seem to care what people made out of this. Not the least bit. (3/?)

| How come i think they didn't do it for the "greater good"?
Giving people a chance of supporting artists and selling uncensored doujins is awesome! Win win right?

Well not for me. Why?
First, because getting a hard-copy outside the US means you have to pay for shipping and everything. Most likely not worth the ordeal.

Second, because Fakku issued DMCA requests for doujins they, even if they wanted to, are not allowed to sell. Lolicon stuff for example.(4/?)

| So some doujins get DMCA'd from Fakku and won't even be published by them.
They won't even get a fantranslation if you are unlucky. Feels a bit like the regionlock for Crunchyroll. At least for me.

And to end this for now, i think Fakku is very succesfull at the moment because most of the large hentai-fanbase we see today started somewhere after this fiasko. With already existing sites like nhentai and hentaihaven (which seems to have been annexed by fakku now. Fucking hell) (5/5)

| >>517382
im told fakku has a small selection of loli stuff hidden by default. if they want me to forgive them for the DMCA bust on all the loli stuff theyre gonna have to put that shit on the front page and get a fuckload more of it published.

| >>517731
A small selection hidden by default, always a great idea as a company selling goods...
Imagine them doing the same for 'their' new streaming service(aka HentaiHaven 2.0), with stuff now hidden by default

The longer this kind of monetization is supported because "there are worse things out there" like Crunchyroll, this shit is never gonna change.
(Same with Game-DLCs.)

I will wait and hopefully find better alternatives.
Until then, figurines and Patreon it is.

| >>517811 figurines patreon and sadpanda*

| >>517850
and SadPanda, of course.
How could i forget.
I like your way of thinking fellow /d/egenerate

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