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Masturbation in the studio

| I was wondering if it's a good idea for hentais where the voice actors masturbate and moan into the mics to make it more realistic. I mean we have audio hentais, but would be nice to here more in-depth of their pleasure for the characters in anime hentais

| I love sex.

| >>510971 maybe just mic their wet pussies instead. I'm not really into the squeaking, and the "hitting a steak with a meat tenderizer" sound effects can really detract from the experience...

| >>511132 yeh I totally get it. Or maybe the two actors having actual intercourse while both are wearing mics and a boom mic near the genitals

| Film 2 people having sex to upload to pornhub then take the audio and use it for hentai. Thats what i call 2 birds with 1 stone

| I mean no one in the industry does that and I sure as hell wouldn't let you do that in my sound booth, but hentai sounds lewd enough all the same

| I remember a scene from Yume Kui (Suzuki Mirano) that did something similar. Where she is acting out her sex lines, but the manager rapes her from behind. That's where the inspiration of this thread came from lol

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This thread is permanently archived