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Mods dont enter, yummy CP inside.

| Ey pretty gurl look what a yummy cheese pizza ive got
(* 3*)-(o>::>o)

~Take a piece! Enjoy!

Not for mods tho! They dont like CheesePizza for some reason.

| (*゚∀゚) This is best CP for the evening.

| I've been dying to have some fresh hot CP... very saucy!

| I wanted chicken pizza tho

| ill have extra CP with an ugly bastard tag on top!

| >>501404 boneless?

| TBH I would still ban this thread

| >>440917
For what
For how cheesy our CP is? <w<

Silly gurl

| :::::::::::___

Mhhhmmmmm. I will be taking slice too. Thanks very much.

| OP is making "fake" cp threads, so that mods will ignore real cp thread amongst the fake one, nice plan.

| >>511042
Hah! They'll never catch us!

| >>510883 you took a slice and OP took a slice, but only one slice is missing! Praize Jibbers it's a murcallll!

| >>511135
ye, cool endless cheese pizza only here at /d/ ! ! !
::::::::::/ooo\ ~
(> 3<)::::(o¤o) ~
::::::::::\ooo/ ~

We always have C in our P ! ! !


| >>496749 Mmmmm Cheese Pizza I love enjoying the juicy nice of the small bites.

| /d/ is for Dinner! (×W×) I love the juicy smooth CP for Dinner (≧▽≦) delish and yum (*´ω`*)

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This thread is permanently archived