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>almost all black girls

| I knew weren't fond of facials or swallowing the big cum.

Now I suddenly realized they must live on traumatized by greasy nigger dick.


| How did you come to this?

| >>496230 must live on traumatized by? -_-

Also, pics (of their unfondness) or it never happened.

| >>496279
I noticed they often have no problem with experimenting with white boys. They look more comfortable.

| >>496315
By greasy/disgusting nigger/coon dick/penis

And I certainly don't take pics of girls talking about anything lol

| >>496341 show your evidence faggot

| Wtf, you think I record girls talking? You don't have to believe me, it's just my experience lmao

| Well, the best bjs i had received was from black girls, its like, theyre always hungry so when she sees the sausage, she dont hesitate to fill her mouth

| >>496522
>no black g/u/r/l/s
>no succ
>no handholding

| >>496537 what the fuck? Who said im russian? Stoopid

| Anyway, best bjs are from black girls 4sure, OP u need to make em suck more

| >>496551 uh, maybe it was in reference to herself being those things? That's the vibe I got...

>>496537 in Soviet Russia, hand holds you! Putin's hand...

| >>496359 >>496552 I was under the impression OP had some kind of experience, but there's all this about talking?

| By the looks of it the only experience op could have is if he dunked his right hand on ink

| "me coon, me like fuck, me says op is incel, me right"

| >>496587 "F-fukin g/u/rls leaving me behind just so they can fUk sum chads!"

| igot bitches all over my d everyday
Suckin on ma balls
licking on ma balls
Bitches, they know
stick it in da bootyhole
Mah balls, mah balls
Suck on mah baaallss

| >My gay thoughts

...but. What about black boys? How well so they suck dick?!?

| >>496702 *Do they suck on dick?!?

Its hard being slav. No black bois or g/u/rls nearby.

| >>496587 "oh booga how I wish I wasn't a revitalized analogy for king kong"

| OP has a tiny dick 4sure

| >>496729
"fuck nigga shit fuck shit fuck bitch fuck nigga shit bitch fuck bitch fuck shit nigga bitch shit"

| >>496683 know doesn't even rhyme with hole...

| >>500950 all in her asshole
Shake it up dat booty RAW



| >>501751 that... doesn't rhyme either lol

>>501767 true tho. Only know that because DJ Shackles

SHACKLES | SHACKLES | Free Listening on SoundCloud


| >>510727 who?

| The only thing that annoys me about (most) black girls are their parents. They're quite similar to asian girls: overprotective, conservative and want their daughter get married to rich guys (which is the only reason they often prefer white ones).
The girls are totally great, seeking for adventure and escape of their parental social prison. They are not interested in marriage and just want to fuck around a bit and have fun, which is totally ok with me^^

| >>511008 oof, sounds awful (the parents, not the fucking). I have never dated a black girl, but was somewhat close to Asian (Korean) girl at one point, but all I got from her was weirdness. Like she was intelligent and into cool things one moment (used to play StarCraft, paints, violin etc), and the next she was totally vapid and made it seem like her life goal was making/having money and "stuff". That wasn't even dating, just spent some time with -_-

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