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| Now that you're here I wanted to ask how your day was

| Nice bait Sherlock anyways... So what the matter with the days? Tbh all of them are full of shitty days you know what I mean >:3

| >>496071 you arent gonna switch the topic like that. I came for Lolis and we are going to talk about lolis. Anyways my favorite loli is Maho Hiyajo

| >>382f69 hell yeah, best thing from season 2 by far

| >>496091 I still wish megumin was loli-er

| >>496101 meh she is loli material but i think Maho Hiyajo outclasses her by a fair amount due to her badass labcoat, cute hair, and tsundere moments. Also Maho=legal. Megumin=illegal

| lolis are the loveliest things ever, so im doing fine

| Lolis were made by the gods to save mankind

| >>496130 >illegal
never stopped me!

| >>1b8d8b >>496101 Get out of here with your loli-er-than-thou attitude

| Lolis save us from despait

| i hope one day a loli will save me from the drudgery of life

| I hope to live with a loli

| >>511119
That would be nice.

| >>511119 in Soviet Russia, loli hopes to live with you!!

| >>511137
take me there!

| I must go to mother Russia!!!

| >>511137 yes plz

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This thread is permanently archived