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How do I convince my gf to fuck me in ass?

| We never had sex before but I want her to peg me. Will it be hard to convince her? How girls react to such thing? She has no problem with me being bisexual if that matters

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The only real way to ask if she wants to try it. No real other way.

| Just ask her, pussy. Tell her it's something you've wanted to try, and don't be a creepy fuck about it.

| Mail her a picture of your butthole with an eggplant emoji and several hundred rofl emojis. Make sure you use stamps that spell 'penis' on the envelope.

My captcha is 'pubic zone cores'. *Hmmm*

| Watch the episode of broad city where the guy who the main character (a girl) is crazy into finally takes interest. They hookup she asks to switch positions and then he thinks she means switch as in peg him but its a funny misunderstanding. She ends up pegging him and the show in general is pretty funny and not about pegging really. But then after that happens in the show just make the suggestion while yall are laughing "haha you wanna try that?". Blame sarcasm if she freaks out.

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Heey that's a nice and easy one actually, thanks. Or yeah I guess I just can ask her away but it's dangerous yeah

| Just say, I dropped something in my asshole, use a dildo to scoop it out please.

| >>493460 This

| How it worked for me is I started slow, pitching it as a curiosity. Like "wonder what the big deal is with guys getting their asses fingered, it can't be that good, right?" Given enough time she'll bring up the anal play as an actual idea and you can work your way up from there

| >>493460 I dreamed once that I was trying to drive somewhere but got the keys stuck in my ass and had to have someone get them out

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Just come out as trans and bring a male 3rd

| Spend a night with me, record it, show it to her and tell her "if your not gonna fuck me then she will"

| >>493410 that sounds hilarious. Never watched the show.

| >>495027 0_0... bahahaaa, lol :D

| >>490406 introduce her to danger/u/. It will bring up all sorts of topics :D

| Fuck her ass and tell her to take revenge on you, then present your ass~ works every time

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