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Porn captions

| Does anyone ever actually read them? Personally, I think they're hardly ever written well enough to be worth the time spent reading.

| Depend of the language of porn but usually nope

| 90% of it is incest, 9% is hard fetish shit like torture and scat, 1% is okay at best

| I like hentai captions. It's a great source for my fav type of porn (femdom).

| >>490393 this, but i like captions and am ok with most of the incest fetish stuff so i do read them every now and then. Though as far as I've seen a lot more than 10% is the really fucked up kinds of stuff.

| I love sex.

| There was this time when I accidentally downloaded hentai captions for an anime episode... And it actually kinda worked...

| >>492341 lolll Pikachu, you dirty little Pokemon

| >>044a9d I'm totally with you, I love captions and especially the futa, femdom and incest ones

| >>493459 I seccond this.

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This thread is permanently archived