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High school crush pt. 7(?)

| Alright so a few things have happened, she's been making dirty jokes like asking if I've dropped the soap in my d&d campaign when I busted a bunch of drug dealers unintentionally (don't win loads of money from drug dealers when you gamble kids) and we've also made plans to hang out at some point, though we're both awkward and indecisive so we couldn't really pick a date and we've decided we'll just really walk in some random direction and talk to each other.

| >>487981 haha, so you play d&d with drug dealers? I thought it was dungeons and dragons. Sounds like she wants (or doesn't mind) you taking the lead. It doesn't matter what you do very much, it's just time to be together. Hopefully she would tell you if it's something she really doesn't like. So don't make it too awkward and difficult, just be yourself. Do you still feel the same way about her? Is it still a crush or do you think it's changing?

| End our suffering, stop

| nigga i finna beat your ass

| Alright, interesting update, a friend told me to text her saying "hey bby what's your sign" because it's stupid as hell so it's a pretty obvious joke and it's got some flirty aspects, she said to keep my pants on and we kept on chatting and joking, that kinda stuff, not much else but it seems pretty good (and yes I am aware of how incredibly stupid that was but I figured what the hell, life is short, why not?)

| I'm rooting for you g/u/rl, ignore the jealous babies

| >>490258 haha, well she has a sense of humor at least. Need to think of a snappy comeback though, like "who said I was wearing any" :D

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