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Even this place is ded

| Lewd stuff goes below >///<

| ;-; I wish I could help. It's the damn spammer basically expecting to go down every second

| Boards stay alive by hosting controversial topics. Look at /tech/ and their linux vs windows, /new/ mentioning trump and gun control.

/mu/ and /lain/ is dead because they don't have polarizing topics.

We don't have trap/loli thread for a while, that's why /d/ is dead.

| >>479255 it's ok, it comes and goes like the tide... worrying about it won't help...

| I never thought that the thread w a near 100 replies would die out

The creatives were busting out so everyone else could feelsbad


| OP here, where's the lewd?

| Hahaha. We all got to grow up some day. I guess we've moved past underaged 2d girls :3

| Go have a 3d girlfriend. *Headpat* explore the wider world :3

| >>9582ad but if you want lewd just go to rule34.xxx lol nhentai.net

| What is "lewd"?

| >>482736 your mother

| yikes

| I'm going to fix the dedness gimme a minute

| >>487945 your mom jokes are so old Shakespeare was making them

| Maybe we could create something controversial if this board stopped being used for venting sexual frustration, reposting song lyrics and TELLING LONG STORIES ABOUT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL LOVE LIFE.

| 70% of the board goes to people talking about their personal life and their preferences in sexual partners rather than discussion of anything related to doujin and manga.

| >>492305 I mean there's not much to discuss really, unless people want to hunt down a doujin for me that isn't online or sold online as far as I can tell

| Did we run out of fetishes or something?? The is not the /D/ way!! We should be talking about how we want to get fucked by Loli futa mikus and how we are all traps and love to crossdress in our sisters cloths!! Cmon people!

| I agree with the post above me, and I'll be first to start.

I am >>5b8e1f and I'm into rape, fat bastard, bdsm, throatfucking, loli, and dick growth,.

I've been on No Nut November, so I havent read anything recent.

I only have 2 days left, and after that I'm getting back into cumming over some fat man shoving his dick down some kid he found and tied up.

| I'm into futa, loli, stomatch deformation, sister, yuri, rape and dick growth too.
Whenever I find all this tags together I cry in happyness.

| I'm fine with rape aslong as it's not mindbreak and she doesn't cry.....is that still rape?

| >>5da249 She stops crying after a while if it's mindbreak. Is that a compromise maybe?
Also i'm into lolis, straight shotas and cute futas

| I actually don't like the sex part of doujin/hentai I prefer it when she suck the big cock and get bukkaked

| >>493655 everything in Japan results in sex. I think it might be social engineering by the government to get the birthrate up again...

| How do I love threads like this

| hm

| uwu

| I masturbated on traps for some time but eventually got bored and returned to sweet romantic incest stories. Also like mind break but don't like old fat male characters, cause i can't asociate myself with them.

| I like cute little fangs

| >>495989 man we need more vampire yuri

| >>492069 but she actually so hot with her damn curvy ass>:3

| I wasn't going to say anything but my captcha is too good "outer balls cling"

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