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About 2D/3D/whatever animation.

| Im the only one who feels weird, unsatisfied when animation is just a loop without any climax, without "cuming" moment?
i DO know that animation can be hard (i've actually tried it) but damn, its just feels hollow.

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| >>477547 yes, very unsatisfying, I agree. I guess people want to show what they are working on, but it is always disappointing.

| Different countries make different choices when aiming to reduce the workload. Looping is one method. Sometimes you don't even notice those and sometimes it's painfully obvious. I can't stand seeing a sequence reused (like a fight scene)

| I hate it. I know that it's a lot of work, but fuck. Don't have one of your scenes be one character animation looped with a still background. It makes me sad.

| Sometimes you find real good [email protected], which isn't looped at all. Animation like this takes around a month.

| Flim13 never disappoints...



| what about minus8 uwu

| >>479386
decent artist but the focus on nintendo stuff is getting old, would love to see OCs

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This thread is permanently archived