bowl of cum and pee

| yummy to the max! breakfast of champions! bowl of cum and pee every morning! most important meal of the day! yay! :D

| ewwww!!! no! it's would already be cold by the time you get to savor them dummy! Having to sit like a dog and beg with my tongue out and panting like a meat toilet that I am is way superior! And then my master would finish off his morning routine by having me lay on my back spreading my leg and open my mouth, waiting to take away his scat <3 it's also so damn hard trying not to squirt the first time of the day, when I finally get to smell his hairy ass!

| Pee is bad because it has stuff your body wants rid of. Just cum for this gurl. : )

| >pee is bad be-
Already lost me coward! Shlurp shlurp shlurp

| >>1019407
Based! Your firm example changed my mind. I will NEVER drink water again!!

| Huh?

| >>1019414 good job, soldier. Girlpee is good for you

| >>1019482
Mmm hmmmm UwU
But I failed at no water today sigh. Feeling- blue (not yellow)

| >>1019489 it's okay you can have some of mine :3

| >>1019688
I gently lap it up on my knees, staring up at you with wide and thankful eyes. shlurp shlurp shlurp shlurp shlurp
You always make me warm and full girl <3

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