Why girls call themselves femboys?

| This shit is filled with so much cancer it's terrible to ask genuine questions here, but there are so many trans girls here so it's a ok place to ask.
I've mostly noticed this in parts of the Internet that are horny, but why do some trans girls call themselves femboys? I mean, you might be feminine, but you aren't a boy. Some people are gender fluid but I mean strictly girl, strictly trans girl.

| because it gives them more sexual attention from men
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| >>1019139 why long distance relationship will won't work 90% of the time?

| >>1019139
It’s not totally the ‘from men’ part. That’s a factor, but it also sounds cuter and bouncier, and a young, pioneering boy who’s cool and seductive might feel better than being a girl who’s kind of in a social role, same as others, for better and for worse.

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| >>1019145 planned obsolescence filtered down from the economic system and entered the social sphere. instead of repairing relationships, you throw them away and get a new one. this is not limited to long distance
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| I'm tired of these questions. Next answer please.

| >>1019134
The pipeline goes
>>Crossdresser>>femboy>>trans girl

Bio girls calling themselves femboys is cringe

| What are you talking about? Boys don't exist, and femboys don't exist, only girls, and things that turn into girls. Weirdo.
-poppy de una familia

| I prefer tomboy femboys btw

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