So I ended the nofap month

| And I didn't understand why I should use it again. Like, for what reason, for what benefit. The most motivation I felt was writing the erotic stories and thinking about pretty girls.

Not fapping for a long time and having sex after that was a bless though.

| Bazinga

| People who say they get many positive benefits from nofap were porn addicts to begin with anyways, so of fucking course when they stop doing it (like with any bad habit) for a while, they'll notice some improvements in their life.

| I don’t trust the word addicts. It only popped up recently and is backed by religious people. why would some pleasant activities be good but others bad?

| >>1018807 probably

| >>1018709 so if you dont fap and you have sex you win the nofap month then? also if you are permanently single you win the nofap by default, and you are a eunuch and a samaritan by genetics; and if religion decides to gamble against you without seeing face to face, they'd die because you are always in the rule and they forgot to(or just do not) count that part despitehumbly putting the effort

| >>9d0205
seems epic anon, you started apocalypse without pushing a button, but that's also no effort on u

| I love sex.

| >>1018709
... that's why they do it. It recenters your attraction and provides inspiration. And sex is better than fapping

| >>1018961 inspiration for lewd stories

| Okay, finally jizzed with the sheer power of mind. See ya.

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