gave head, ama

| was deepthroating some girldick for like 20 minutes straight. would recommend.

| Is it ever possible for war to be justified?

| How were debtors' prisons a positive influence on the development of economic literacy in Western countries?

| OP here

>>1018150 I take a very Clausewitzian view on this - war is obviously not something desirable in itself, but it’s a political tool that needs to be waged towards political ends. Sometimes the ends justify the means, and sometimes the justification isn’t as strong, to put it lightly.

>>1018155 Pretty out of my depth on this, but if we presuppose that the first part of your question is true (that it did, in fact, increase economic literacy), it probably did so through fear.

| >>1018155 to add: again war is obviously undesirable, but being against it under any circumstances ultimately means siding with the side with the biggest guns. Imagine if FDR listened to UC Berkeley protests telling him to make peace with Hitler (true story).

| >>1018125 did you have fun doing it? :3

| Did you drink it?

| >>1018249 Heck yeah! It was shaped real perfectly for me to keep it all the way in my throat for most of the time. She was squishy in all the right places :3

>>1018251 possiblyyyyyyyy

| did you hawk tua on that thang xDD

| Did she help you cum too? Succing was seen in Ancient Greece as an act for whores to help old guys who couldn’t get it up. That’s a shame because everyone should get to enjoy it <3

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