I was a good boy today, please call me a good boy and headpat me


| good g/u/rl! you're such a good g/u/rl. so pretty and femme! i'm so glad you're here posting on this g/u/rl website for g/u/rly g/u/rls :3

| boy? Dic pic or gtfo

| *headpat* Good girl, you did really well today and we're all really proud of you <3. As an extra special reward for being such a good girl I've got you this cute skirt and pair of thigh high socks, I think they'll look really good on you <3! And these little blue pills, they're good for your skin. Be a good girl for me and take one twice a day, okay <3? *headpat*

| *fucks your mouth*

| hihi, op here :3


;~; I have conflicting feelings about this, on one side I'd rather be a catboy, on another I got so much praise and headpats and nice stuff

actually I've sent /d/ pics here!

thanks I guess? it does make me happier to know that I have a fuckable mouth

| I like u op

| >>1018050 thanks ^~^

| I hate u op

| >>1018043 catboy!? In a tight, shiny latex catsuit? *purrs with ravenous intent*

| >>1018080 thanks, I hate myself sometimes too

| >>1018081 uhh... not that kind I think, but I bet it'd be fun to be in a tight, shiny latex catsuit *purrs*

| >>1018009 now that I checked I deleted them lol

when I get home I'll upload a video or something nice

| >>899687 pet pet pet! I'll give you lots of pets and tummy kisses :3

| So late but
You're such a good boy~ there there
So cute

| good boi lemme hawk tua on that thang xDD

| >>1018043
Bet you'd look submissive and breedable in thigh highs and a short skirt, cutie

| I bet you’d feel good to kiss and hug. I wish I were a pretty good boy too

| I wish someone would say me this things and do this all with me ;-;

| >>1018843
You’re a good girl too and you deserve a reward <3 mmmmmwah <3

| OP is soooo pretty and girly <3 i want to do her E injections

| hihi, OP back~!

it was a busy week, sowwy everyone ;3

I'd love some pets... but I've never have had my tummy kissed, so go ahead I think, they sound nice

many thanks >u<

huh? explain thyself please, I'm not familiar with most of what you said

I've been told that before...

I've been told that too! come here and let's kiss and hug to your hearts content, good boy~

good boy, mwah

| >>1018881
I've considered it a couple of times... what were the benefits again?

| Good boi, you get lots of headpats~

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