^u^ relapsing <3

| i can't stop myself from looking at gross stuff <3 <3 <3

| You're better than this. I believe you can beat it, and not in the gross innuendo way, mind you.

| I love sex.

| Have sex and have (healthy if sometimes a little gross) fun!

| I want to dislocate your shoulder

| I want to locate your shoulder

| I want to dislocate your shoulder

| >>1017454 what is the gross stuff if I may ask :3

| OP are you still alive

| My offer to displace your limbs is still up y'know

| Like you could take me lmao

| >>1017763 try me bi/t/ch

| >>1017719 unfortunately

| How gross are we talking about, OP?

| >>1017816 absolute maximum

| >>1017992 hum, as long as it's my kind of preferred gross, it's okay

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