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sub invented sex drug idea

| Some people use weed etc. and honestly i want ignore it.

But imagine drug which would person make person temporary paralysed but would feel, see, hear everything what is around them.. something as alternative to bondage.. why tie partner (which can be dangerous) but you could just chemically make them paralysed for 30-50 minutes, hugs them and being fully for them. But may make them ability to control face and talk.. i would wish to try this drug myselt with my owner.. just become

| A ragdoll while they would cuddle with me as with body pillow or may toy with me~

| how degenerative it is? Would you try it yourself? Of course it should be used only with consent and with high trust each other

| Аs a fetish it sounds ok, but if to make it happen irl it's too dangerous actually

| idk I prefer choking them out more

| Yeah maybe they could wind up getting compressed in a bad position for instance and you George floyding them which would be bad.

I think it could be achieved with suppression of descending signals below a certain level on the spine . You could have an electrical device which might have to be implanted in there, and cut things off intermittently. I think similar stuff is being done in prosthetics and pain management, but I must review what’s been written.

Have sex and have fun

| >>1016836 poppers exist. they dont make you paralyzed but they do act as a muscle relaxant and aphrodisiac.

but i would totally do the paralytic if it existed :3

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This thread is permanently archived