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| I'd like to be stolen in the middle of the night. Chained up in someone's basement forever or maybe kept as a back alley slave.

| Yeah you do now but once I’ve milked you for all your love juices you’ll be ‘wah wah I’m bored this is illegal’

That’s said I’d still kidnap you g/u/rl

| >>1016650 nah the illegal and abusive part is what I like! Keep me locked up g/u/rl!

| She say all this but when someone ask where you wanna meet up you're gone. This is why bottom need to get fucked up and corrected (no uwooh intented)

| >>1016654 I live in bumfuck nowhere and don't have a car. Unfortunately there's probably no shot I ever meet any of you.

| Careful what you wish for.

| >>1016661 yeah? You lived with someone else and don't want any harm befall them too too?

| >>1016677 yuh that's me. The perv in question.

| >>1016678 I wish you a safe day to day life, where no one will want to harm you

| >>1016680 NOOOOOO

| I'm starting a kidnapping business. The first one is free.

| I want to be kidnapped and turned into a brainless rubber doll through bondage, overstimulation, hypnosis, and extreme mental conditioning. tbh.

| >>1016732 how u gon get turned in rubber doll if you're already made not from rubber

| >>1016736 easy, I get wrapped in layers of tight, shiny, slick, squeaky, glossy latex, and get hypnotically conditioned until I forget how to do anything other than drool and moan and hump and squirm.

| The smell..

| >>c811d5 bottoms like you should get fucked and owned!
We'll fight for a world where that is possible and tops fuck bottoms!

| >>1016782 based.. nya~

| All bottoms and subs should be owned quite frankly. Give em a master to serve.

| >>1016782 isn't it implied anyway?

| I doubt they exist. Sure, one can love being intensely acted on, but to exist in the world is to act on it, and thus to be a ‘top’ as well as to be acted on by it, making one a ‘bottom’ thus these terms are situational expressions of desire, not true selves useful for the organization of society.

Have you considered cumming to intense porn and just having romantic relationships less based on s&m? I’m great at the former, haven’t tried the latter.

| >>1016879 I mean getting off to that stuff and being in a normal relationship is what I already do. And for me that doesn't feel satisfying. I want a partner to practically abuse me, and have our dynamic be a pretty consistent thing. That being said, my desire to be kidnapped and raped is usually quelled by just getting beaten instead. Sometimes I just get down bad.

| That sucks that you don’t have what you want right now. I feel pretty good rn having cum last night but yeah I could go for some intensity and excitement.

Idk I always hear about heart break, regret and craziness with using people for intense experiences. I know I’m partially wrong here but I’d need evidence I don’t have to be right.

I’m definitely going to be in your shoes if I find a lover lol. There’s something to be said for INTENSITY

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This thread is permanently archived