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Games with groping

| Anybody know games where you can get groped and molested? Male or female protag is fine. Any and all suggestions with that are welcome, but the more SA content in general the better.

| Degree of lewdity

Karryn's prison have a batshit insane amount of groping

| Yeahhh I love DoL. Haven't tried Karryn's Prison before but it's been on my radar.

| Flipwitch

| i think a lot of action-combat eroges have this. stuff like Ayura Crisis, Eris Dysnomia, Parade Buster, Yumesame, and MaiDenSnow Eve where you can get groped, grappled, and pinned down mid-combat if you're not careful. So if you like that kind of stuff looking into the action genre of eroge tends to have some interesting finds.

| >>1016613 >>1016616 great reccs. A lot of these look great.

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This thread is permanently archived