Who actually like [colorize]?

| I don't think I even seen a [colorize] doujin book that the quality improved in any way, stuff like bleach or blacked is just a meme, but color is shit I'm not certain but pretty sure someone comm with money to do, and 99% of the time it look way worse than the original's twotone. Just my porn addict's opinion of course

| as a non-porn addict

grayscale gives much more room for interpretation, letting the reader's mind do a bit more of the heavy lifting with how they interperet and see things

color gives more detail, which can both be done very right by the skilled and very wrong by the not. it's a make or break decision, enhancing the detail, providing too much detail, or providing conflicting/ruinous detail. it's a careful balance thats sometimes best left for the reader to imagine in grayscale

| thats applicable in all art, though for such an imaginative form of art as hentai, the decision to ship one's art with or without such details is an interesting one, likely a case study in and of itself.

thus, any resident doujin/hentai artists, please leave your thought processes!

| >>1013553 that make sense, guess this also kinda explain why text-based smut give me such insatiable lust? Perhaps the more deeply involve the media, in this case porn, with the user, the higher the return of horny chemical too? If that's the case then shouldn't hentai which is a media with picture, sound and color become the worst of them all if they're done poorly? Ahh, that explain PoRo

| >>1013590 same mf from earlier here

i personally like color and detail because i'm not too imaginative a person

i see how others can immerse themselves in fantasy, but I struggle to do that and can appreciate the detail doing the heavy lifting for me

text-based stuff does seem like the holy grail for those easily immersed in their own thoughts, for its merely a spark for their mind to ignite into a whole daydream; nothing else to get in the way of what you want to see

| which, now that i mentioned the immersion word, i have to say it;

the longer its been since youve taken a shower, the more likely you'll be happier with your own thoughts rather than details to do the thinking for you

| >>1013597 idk gurl, shower thing doesn't make much sense, I mean I took shower way too often. last time was maybe 3 week ago, so that's probably not true.

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