My husband bought me these tits, but i only use them for huge cocks

| My huge fake bimbo tits always make them cum like crazy.

| I was once a serious, prim, proper and feminist girl and my parents were so proud of me... but that was before all the misogynistic bulls of the neighborhood made me understand my place as a blacked bimbo cumdump~

| >husband
>parents proud of you
Come on babe, you didn't get me in the mood enough in these two posts to ignore the glaring plot holes. If anything, I want to fuck them more than I want yours!

| ^

| >blacked
Is race stuff really necessary? I find it borin'

| >>33bdbc wah wah wah People got kinks is all I get from this message. You wouldn't ask this question if u understood that

| >>1012546 nah, I ain't a prude nor puritan, hell no
It's just that... Blacked stuff is better left for sissy hypno feminitization all races included boypilled and mindbreakpilled fem-males
NTR stuff is boring too and I stand by that

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