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i think i'm done for

| i don't know if i need to get topped or get hugged and its making me go crazy

| Why not both :D

| Get a life

| looks like it was just the estrogen speaking, i'm fine now :3

| does estrogen really make you crazy? give me that syringe let me try it

| >>1011684 bitches really do be crazy

| >>f52ebb sorta, it basically replaces the need for sexual release with a need for sensual intimacy. Or in other words the way your libido works sort of gets rewritten to be a LOT more yearning :v

| Damn it's gonna be crazy when I start E then. I already do so much yearning.

| Mating press hug.. mmh

| >>1011716 honestly sounds kind of male brained. I can confirm for myself and so far 3 other transgirls I've asked that it doesn't happen like that

| Might just be a "your mileage may vary" kind of thing, I think both cases are reasonably valid. At the very least I've gotten similar stories from the tgirls I'm friends with too. Hormones and individual experiences/quirks are weird enough that some stuff that sounds odd is surprisingly within the realm of possibility.

| >>5540aa different people experience things differently dumbass
while you think you're based and cool writing this, I think you're a retard

| >>1011794
While I also don't feel the whole thing they're describing it's possible it just affects people differently?

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This thread is permanently archived