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Would you still fuck me if I'm a worm?

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| Whats up with all girls using this "If I was ... would you still..." like whats the big idea

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I don't get it either and I especially don't get why you should answer honestly when asked about it. Always answer with a yes because your partner might get upset if you answer with a no but here's the thing, your partner is never gonna turn into a worm. You're never gonna have to deal with it, but you might have to deal with a partner who thinks you don't love her as much as she loves you.

| >>1010978 Women... Am I right?

| >>1010987

| >>1010987 I'm sorry to tell you that your relationship won't work well with>>1010992 , your heart might be shattering rn by the heavy knowledge, the brutal and unfair reality of>>e1f7b8 not loving you back by only saying "No", your many attempt to put your partner tested is now showing a negative result.
You'd probably think that's harder for you than your partner but you gotta keep going and never give up.
Remember that life only gets better and not everyones is as bad.

| >>1011004 still a better love story than twilight

| Maybe if you were the worm from dune

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This thread is permanently archived