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I love dominant men

| I'm just a small pretty princess, I'd love a strong dom to boss me around, and maybe spoil me. I'm fragile and I'll do anything to make a dom smile.

| Post cut scar

| Damn I'm a dom girl, oh well

| >>1010254 You count too, I'll be a good girl <3 I swear

| i find it funny how gender roles dictate how men are supposed to be dom
then the internet happened

| >>1010378 femmedom long predates the internet u n00b

| >>1010378 nobody wants to work anymore. they just wanna lay face down ass up and have someone fuck them

| >>1010386 g/u/rl goals!

| >>1010386 society

| >>1010378 the current state of affairs where men on the internet see a hot woman/character and say "Mommy!!" is probably caused by the sheer amount of shame/hate directed towards sexually dominant/aggresive men through recent years (and men can no longer express dominant feelings of lust to the public)

Or I'm severely mistaken and there're really just a hugenormous amount of sub men that I couldn't even imagine

Anyways, thanks you for coming to my tedtalk

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This thread is permanently archived