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Stupid pathetic dog

| Hiii :3 I'm just a useless bitch that can't live without abuse and degradation. A real mistake, an utterly pathetic faggot incapable of being anything but a punching bag.

| cute. Do you cut yourself and/or abusing drug too tho?

| >>1009825 no! I don't cut anymore, and I've never really used drugs.

| if you want to be abused, why don't you do it yourself? get yourself addicted to heroin and then stop cold turkey. that should be a good experience for you.

| >>1009835 still cute, but y'know it could have been better :3

| And baby that's fine by me

| >>1009836 nooo I don't use druggies.

>>1009837 I'm sowwy I'm not cuter

| You're a loser, baby
A loser, goddamn baby
You're a fucked-up little whiny bitch

| >>1009871 I ammm>.<
I'm a loser who deserves to be berated and beaten

| >>1009881 get fucked up on presciption drugs

| >>1009882 noooo I can't do that! I might die, and then how will I get beaten and spit on and called slurs

| >>1009883 do it with another gurl, it's gonna be fun

| Nope! Sorry but it's never happening.

| I'm sowwy. I should just so what you tell me.

| Hey g/u/rl, I really think you should be gagged and roped up while I spank you into submission. I love it when my bitches beg to be degraded <3

| >>1009896 it won't take much. I'm always submissive :3

| >>e191c5 Perfect, finally a bitch that already knows their place! I've been wanting one like you for quite a while now. *grabs your chin and opens your mouth, giving your tongue a kiss* Submission always tastes so sweet, fuck, just thinking of what I'll do to you makes me so goddamn horny. *picks you up by your hips and holds you close, kissing and biting on your neck, giving you plenty of marks* You're such a dirty little puppy slut, all I've ever wanted honestly. *spanks you*

| I'm gonna push your face in a dog bowl full of water till you start squirming and getting desperate

| Ahhh people to put me in my place! I'm finally getting the treatment that I deserve. Thank you everyooone >-<

| are you going to get fucked up on presciption drugs anytime soon? I'm waiting

| >>1009974 I did actually! I chugged promethazine and got really delirious. It was fun!

| >>1009974 >>1009997 am I a good girl now?

| >>1009998 clearly not yet, If you can still reply on here

| Oh okay... I'm sorry

| Hey would anyone be interested in being mean to me in discord dms? I can post my @ if so.

| Ay mírala como llora- Ah no, lo esta disfrutando, que perra

| >>e191c5 please do! It'd be super fun.

| >>1010005 I don't associate with something I laugh at.

| >>1010007 Sí, sólo una puta estúpida.

>>1010009 okiii! My account is puppy__paws
That's with two underlines, cause just one was taken.

| >>1010010 but you could laugh at me mooore that way

| >>1010012 even added you as *friend* on social media will bring my worth as a person down, I'd rather not.

| >>1010013 ohhh okay... you're right though. Sorry for being so pathetic.

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