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No fap for 256 days

| I'm pretty bored of this shit, will still read it or try to watch it for fun but no spanky my wanky.

For awhile I've been on wine mom grindset where I jack it before bed to sleep. Not even to enjoy the material just to get the release.

I feel like other people have this next level of enjoyment when it comes to sexual stuff which structures their life in some way but for me it's purely mechanical.

Will report back to let u know if it turns me into an rpgmaker porn addict, cheers.

| verga

| *sucks OP off under the table breaking their streak

| *

| Try sex

| Good luck, doing it doesn't make me feel pleasure anymore (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

| u r dpressed, undersexed and over worked

modern life is rubbish

eat the rich

| Hit the gym my nigga,gains galore when no fap

| No fap for 2 days, I am dying... My desire to cum is unstoppable

| >>1010235
Based sex machine

| maybe I should try nofap too

| I'll keep you updated in this thread g/u/rls

| Okay, it's been 10 minutes and I'm already thinking maybe I should jerk off

I guess I'm doomed

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This thread is permanently archived