I need bbc abusing my tight gay throat

| Can’t think straight!

| Real

| >is gay
>tries thinking straight
one of the classic blunders

| Ew

| gross, seek help please

| Seeing this post made me wonder how many people who actually use danger/u regularly are black. Like most of the users here just reek of white porn addicted trans girls or white guys who wanna be femboys but can't put the effort in so they continue looking masculine(Also porn addict).

| >>1009323 and which of the two is you?

| >>1009476
He aint responding lol

| mr psychological projection got burned so bad he fled the scene

| >>1009323 the only non-white users here are east asian, and trust me, they are just as porn addicted as the rest of /u/

| >>1009788
stop replying to your own posts .......

| tbh this site doesn't come off as horny unless you browse /d/ so you're kinda telling on yourself

| >>1009789 lol. lmao, even.

| >>e88b68 I forgot about this post but to answer, neither, I am a Nigga I'm afraid, still a porn addict though

| >>1010034 she talking about>>38b8a1

| Wait, where my med? Can you diagnosed me too?

| >>3a7c94 That's me gurl

| >>1010131 get out of my wall!

| Nigger lover

| as one of the white femboy porn lovers, the fact that black people tend to have bigger dicks is alluring

| >>1010034 show yor black long snake plz

| Inam the servant of a bbc~

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