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How does my cum taste?


| Bad apple

| darude sandstorm

| 4/10

| It depends on your diet
Usually (and on average) it's salty
But if you regularly eat/drink sweet fruits, it's going to be sweet as well

| >>1009006 I mean try it

| >>1009026 no thanks
I have my own cum I have to taste

| >>1009079 Please

| >>1009084 no, instead, I'd like to offer you the opposite and invite you to taste my cum

| >>1009093 only if you taste mine

| >>1009093 >>1009116 you both should taste my instead! I'll have you know that I only shower once a month!

| i'll take all of you on!

| >>1009183 *fucks your mouth*

| >>1009183 *spills and blows a huge load over your face* uuumph... I really needed that stress relief, thanks you.

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This thread is permanently archived