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I wanna drain my bf

| I love him so much and I just wanna suck and ride him all day as a physical expression of that. I'm not even horny about it, I think of it more like an act of servicd out of love.

| make sure to give him really good aftercare once you're done, and maybe a few relaxing massages.

| make him cum so many times he can't see straight and then once more afterwards

| >>1008658 that's good advice! Gotta take care of my adorable boyfriend :3

>>1008664 that's the plan!

| Peg him

| Have sex and have fun.

| I want him so bad it's unreal. I'm gonna be a succubus the way I siphon this man.

| >>1008707 don't do this, it creates mustard gas

| >>e1cb45 damn g/u/rl, you're in love

| You get bigger loads when you stimulate his prostate. So, finger him, make him wear a buttplug and/or peg him if you really want every last drop

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This thread is permanently archived