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| anyone else hump their pillows like a small dog while acrolling /u/?

| I don't get it, will never get it

| Multitasking has been found to decrease one's efficiency in the tasks at hand.

| i do now

| >>1008275 solidarity win!

| i hump my shark

| >>1008313 don't do that to blahaj ;-;

| Good Puppy~ <3

| >>1008237 but... What if get too into it and eventually and inevitably cum in my pillow? I don' wanna clean up that mess

| >>1008348 your blahaj loves you, you must return the favor

| Pillowhumping stunts development of male genetalia

| >>1008509 ...thats the goal?

| >>1008509 even better

| gotta say I'm not seeing a lot of downsides to this

| You can hump me as much as you want bby

| >>1008441 just use a condon

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This thread is permanently archived