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I'm masturbating to Shondo rn

| Am I based yet?

| Depends, is it drawings with or without gore?

| >>1007417 no sis, it's her vod

| >>1007398
silly g/u/rl, you're only based if you masturbate to this

| >>1007422 not based. Gotta masturbate to her getting brutally mutilated to be based.

| >>1007429 I love modern technologies!

>>1007431 dang, this based thing take too much effort

| >>10f673 Who fucking made this

| >>1007429 literally who hags?

| >>1007398 very based and breedable yes

>>1007429 I remember this, it's oddly hot

| >>1007429 ai really is the future

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This thread is permanently archived