Anyone know where can I get some prostitute in tokyo?(in minecraft)

| Preferably somewhere near Katsushika, and not gonna ruin me financially like soapland if possible

| Just look at the mirror

| >>1001078 holy! I can't believe that worked!

| /warp prostitutes

| go clubbing on a friday night, drunk intercourse is a much more widely accepted practice in Japan, especially Tokyo. have fun! my long term plan is to move to Hokkaido

| >>1001149 gurl that's not very in the spirit of escorting at all, way too much work for a little reward, plus I don't wanna drink alcohol.

| after a bit of internet scrounging it's look like THC is my only bet outside of soapland, but the frontal price doesn't include penetration services which is an instant fuck off in my book. I can't believe Tokyo have worst escort service even than fucking Warsaw. it's so jover gurl

| >goes to japan
>to pay for prostitutes

lol. lmao.

| >>1001338 ikr? worst idea I had so far

| >>1001341 actually it's good idea

| >>1001368 well, it's not like I'm going to japan for this, I just happen to have to go and I might as well look for it since I'm there

| >>1001520 well atleast it isn't Thailand.

| >>1001754 wait, why? Thailand have one of the best(cheap) service I ever known, thailand average rate are like 3,900 yen for 1 shot/hour. If you looking for an escort; thailand is so damn good. And alot of the girl I know of are self employed too. Unless you looking for "imported" pussies that scam shit cost like 30k yen for 1 shot last time I saw.

| Imagine paying lots of money just to get their man pussy wet lmao

| >>1001797 you would have thought Thailand have alot of ladyboy escort, but it's actually not. the market is female dominant like most part of the world (I assume so), and in term of money to entertainment, if you want to be money efficient there really are some cheap cunt out there, indie one even give you discount if you ask them sometime. The best one I know is 1500 yen 3 hour unlimited shot, Pretty fucking impressive ngl.

>just use lube duh

| what's the point of escort? you still stay lonely after cooming.

| >>1001831 I have a cat tho

| >>1001831 thb it's kinda like masturbating with rent hole, I don't recommend anyone to do it other than to just experience it. Jacking off feel better and putting money into other thing is way wiser anyway

| >>1001933 I cut out the middle man and jack off right into the money.

| Lmao

| "omg my 100 dollars got pregnant"
now I'll have a 101 dollars

| >>1002552 pssss just idle for 6k and half days and make them the kiddo make up for it

| >>1002582 fuck off 50k-chan.

| >>1002552 I'm sorry, i was looking in x-ray and there is more than 10 at least, i recommend you to find father or work otherwise you will may be moneyless

| How many times have you paid for Minecraft pussy op?

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