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I can take up to 7 inches

| What's your dick size? I want to rate g/u/rl cocks as an anon so tell me your dick size. I'm a femboy by the way incase any of you perverts needed to know so you can jack off properly. Depending on your size you'll get a rating from F to A. I'll know if you're lying so don't be sly. >uses magnifying glass on your dick.
See? I can tell how big it is so don't lie, okay? So how big is your dick?

| i'm a woman. like everyone else here. get the fuck off our website chud

| >>1000668 what's your gurl cock size?

| >femboy
>on danger/u/
Suuuure you are

| I only let hot steamy ladies know my size

| small. go away.

| all g/u/rls are size queens

| fuck my ass


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This thread is permanently archived