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Another 'gushing over magical girls' thread

| I'm enjoying the show and manga, but I'm running into a problem I keep runnning into the older I get.
The main character, who has a transformation sequence into a succubus-themed costume with pasties, is
the series would not significantly change if the characters were in upper secondary school instead of lower, and it's only set with middle school characters because of genre conventions.
But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

>quads upset mob
capt-chan is right...

| Need a magical girl show about a middle aged woman who's not really satisfied with her job or something who becomes a magical girl and idk finds joy in helping people in that way

| >>997238 I agree 100%

| >seeks wolf coals
| who does capt-chan think I am..?
| I am no seeker of wolf coal.

| >>97ef04
This would potentially be a great series. I’d watch/read a middle aged OL magical lady series for sure

| >>997238 that's Pomu

| NO!!!
make the girl even younger to see where the japanese draw the line.
14 year old girl sexualised?

| >>997687
At -9months that's just a different adult woman!

| >>997687 I don't think the japanese will ever draw the line g/al...

| Much too busy drawing young girls to draw lines!

| This is what happens with a horny society that can't get any because they spend too much time working or studying! Get fuckin!!!

| >>998561
Keep Abe's Dream alive, Japan!

| >>998561
> This is what happens with a horny person that can't get any because they spend too much time online or masturbating! Get fuckin out into the real world!!!

| >>999138 but real life seggs is scary...
I prefer virtual segs!

| i've only read the manga, but to me all the characters look like twenty year olds. i just kinda ignored that they're in middle school because it is really barely important to the show. nero alice looks obviously young but she's not really treated very sexually

| >>1000065
Agreed. They are only said to be that, it never matters once in the story.

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This thread is permanently archived