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Anime of the year 2023

| Got any picks for anime of the year?

Personally I'm going for Frieren, though tbf the season hasn't even finished yet.

Heavenly delusion would be my second pick.

| Heavenly delusion fo' sure. Mostly because it's the only anime I watched this year...

| 2023? Are you from the future too?

| Wait, it's 2023 for you?

| >there is only one month and half left before 2024 starts

| Pluto. I like Frieren but Pluto, the manga, is a masterpiece, and the anime seems to be the same.

| >>986020
Cool! I grapped Pluto with tachiyomi last night. Feels good to know that I'm in for something special.

| Pluto is excellent and in the top 2.

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This thread is permanently archived