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Deleted Tsukumizu Tweets

| TKMIZ or the creator of Girls' Last Tour and Shimeji Simulation has some... crazy deleted tweets. I knew he drew Flandre hentai but these are something

Now I really understand why he deleted his older works, I'm really curious what they were about

| good artists are usually at least a little fucked up in the head.
and it certainly reads like he has brain problems.
But at least the VR future he wished for is here.

| I have a screenshot of all tkmiz's fucked in the head tweets, Like that one where he said he felt good something about cumming on an ipad

cant find it where i put it though

| that's so based, you just don't get a good perk without getting others in different fields.

| >TKMIZ wants to be a loli
Extremely based!
I wish all people who want to be lolis become lolis someday soon

| >>974941 Kill yourself

| >>974955 did I struck a nerve or something, buddy? Lmao

| >>975011
Kill yourself.

| he's put out two of my top 10 manga, he can say whatever he want imo

| >>975017 same for me, I agree

| Just looking at what's popular in hentai and anime he's just saying the quiet bit out loud.

Middle aged men just want to make/be/see anime girls as a substitute to the idea of an actual adult women.

Interestingly I think a lot of women also fall into this category too.

Maybe the world is too scary and hard for people.

>Though I'll never understand being unhygienic with your leftovers.

| >>975089 having "another (organic) self" is not really worth it when you think about the pain to seek a matching one, obliviously I do not count the normie's standard. Just puppets for the rich.

| let alone finding one who'll give a boost on productivity without much of maintance for their selfish fuckery.

| >>975089
yeah, that is a risingly popular strategy taht seems to be working. After all, if everyone can be cute anime girls, why not?

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