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Pipkin Pippa

| For all things Pipkin Pippa

| Pippa is a great vtuber and I'm proud of how much she's grown

| Eblanio Huessos

| Pippa uses horsecocks as a masturbatory aid

| Isn't she a right wing lover?

| >>973545 that's why she needs horse cock to masturbate

| peppa the pig

| Pipipipipipipipiiiii!!!
>I'm proud of how much she's grown
This tbh. Sometimes I go back and watch debut-kin VODs, and it's kind of painful. She's really come into her own, and has grown as a person. It's like she recognized she has at least some influence over her community, and is trying to set a decent example for how to live life now. She's still super hick and kind of janky, but she's getting better. Even getting her teeth sorted out is a big move. I hope she does well.

| I've got like all of her standees, keychains, her diorama, ~and her body pillow.~ I don't even tune in to most streams. ( x.x)

| >>973917 One day hopefully I'll drag myself out of my house and get a job to afford three dental implants. Of all the shit I didn't take care of while depressed, my teeth have been my biggest regret.

| Pippa? Absolutely would.

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This thread is permanently archived